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Bangkok Night Market Guide 2020

Bangkok is well known as a shopper’s paradise. On the international scale, shopping in the City of Angels is incomparable and definitely one of the major attractions that draw so many millions of tourists to the city every year.


Unlike most other cities, however, Thailand’s capital offers much more than merely the shopping mall experience. While there are in fact a fantastic number of enormous, multi-leveled and gleaming malls well placed along the city’s public transportation routes, such as the BTS Skytrain and MRT Subway — and most of them are superlatively stocked with the latest and greatest in brand name fashions and cutting-edge tech and similar gadgets, as well as restaurants, cinemas, bowling alleys, and, most importantly, air conditioning! — this is far from the whole picture of the vast enjoyment visitors get out of shopping in Bangkok.


The real secret to getting the most out of the shopping scene in Bangkok is acquainting yourself with the range and location of Bangkok night markets. Here we’ll provide you with a helpful Bangkok Night Market Guide to get you started on your way to shopping bliss in the night markets of the most exciting city on the globe when the sun goes down!


A true symbol of the city, the Bangkok night market is an outgrowth of the local village market arranged on a smaller scale for centuries—both in Thailand and around the world. In Thailand this is typically called a Talad Nut, the regular market at which to buy one’s groceries and maybe some clothing or other usual household utility items like spoons or brooms.



As the city grew and more and more people were interested in both offering their wares and in shopping within a place offering the greatest range of products, these markets likewise expanded. And of course the ever increasing tourism influx has fueled the incredible popularity of the Bangkok night market. Land was purchased, set aside or subsidized for the establishment of the city’s night markets. Some are older, some are newer, but all of them draw in the crowds like wild as the evening begins and weather is cooler, offering a fabulous diversity in products as well as eateries, pubs and music.


The Bangkok night market is now a quintessential attraction during a visit to the most interesting city on earth. Let’s explore the true Thai shopping experience with our Bangkok Night Market Guide that will help you decide where to go and how to get there.


Have fun shopping your helpful Bangkok Night Market Guide!


Ratchada Train Market



Starting with one of the most exciting night markets in the city, you can find the Ratchada Train Market hidden behind the Esplanade shopping mall, just off the MRT Subway Thai Cultural Centre Station. One of the trendier venues, the Ratchada Train Market is arranged into a fairly neat grid of aisles.


Walking through the Ratchada Train Market you can discover scads of shops selling hip apparel and stylish accessories, including phone cases and gadgets, jewelry and sunglasses as well as vintage items and quite a few useful and creative implements as well. Ringed around the rows of stalls, especially in the back, are a range of delicious restaurants and some cool pubs, some with live music. You’ll hear them as you come closer!


Asiatique The Riverfront



With the double appeal of being situated right along the bank of the mighty Chao Phraya River that runs through Thailand’s capital and having one of the classiest concepts in the city, Asiatique The Riverfront is likely the most comfortable of the night market venues of Bangkok.


Set on what was originally the site of a traditional riverside shipping company, the old warehouses have been renovated into an incredible range of shopping stalls. A fairly upscale atmosphere is maintained despite the night market theme, and you will find some of the city’s trendiest bars and eateries here at Asiatique The Riverfront, particularly on the southern edge of it.


The whole family will also get a kick out of the interesting historical sculptures featuring life and figures from the old days, as well as street entertainers, magicians, puppeteers and jugglers, which are reminiscent of a European city, but definitely with a Thai touch.


Asiatique The Riverfront is easily reached by taking the market’s express ferry from the Sathorn Pier at the Taksin BTS Skytrain station.


Chatuchak Night Market



The classic Bangkok night market, once famous for being open on the weekends, the Chatuchak Night Market is also the largest open-air market in the country of Thailand a strong rival for any other market in Asia! Also known as JJ Market, due to the spelling of its name in Thai, Chatuchak Night Market is set on a vast 35 acres (over 14 hectares) of land with over 8,000 shops.


An experience in simply going there, make sure you don’t get lost in its virtually innumerable aisles and rows. It’s a shopper’s infinity! And if you haven’t guessed it already, nearly everything imaginable is available at the Chatuchak Night Market — and as the saying goes, if you can’t find it here, it probably doesn’t exist!


A good selection of food stalls and even pubs can also be found on its outskirts.


You can reach the Chatuchak Night Market simply by taking the BTS Skytrain up to Mochit station. It is a only few steps from there.


Neon Night Market



One of Bangkok’s newest ventures, the Neon Night Market is located quite close to the Pratunam area and Platinum Shopping Mall, which makes puts it well within a comfortable distance from VIE Hotel Bangkok. The Neon Night Market has a bit of a unique and funky style all its own, amidst its rows selling stylish apparel, trinkets and accessories, including the wild and weirder products of artistic imagination!


Besides the usual shop stalls, it also makes great use of huge shipping containers, transforming them into the various shops and even eateries you can encounter there. And, living up to its name, the Neon Night Market is wreathed in fun and futuristic neon lighting, giving it a festival atmosphere.


More Bangkok Night Markets


As a shopping symbol of the city, the list of exciting night markets certainly doesn’t stop here! Virtually every major neighborhood in the sprawling capital of Thailand will feature one not too far away.


Other major night markets of interest include:


Patpong Night Market – Located just off the both the BTS Skytrain Saladaeng Station and the MRT Subway Silom Station. While this one is within what was once the most notorious red light zone in the city, things have become a bit more subdued here as the shopping picked up!


Rot Fai Market Srinakarin – Older than the Train Market on Ratchada, this one is a little harder to get to, being off the main public transportation rails, but it is even bigger!


Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Night Market – Named after the huge shell of a passenger liner set up in front, this market is hands down the most innovative. You’ll find here a plethora of products made from scrap of all kinds, often verging on the wackier side of art — all in good fun! The market also hosts some excellent dining venues.


Shopping is one of the most important activities in Bangkok, and Thais have turned into a fun and thrilling adventure among the night markets available. You can get to most of them via the Skytrain, which is conveniently located just outside of VIE Hotel Bangkok, the perfect location for your nighttime shopping trips.


Like to go out to a Bangkok night market? Just ask! Our helpful Concierge is known for warm and personalized assistance. He will make sure that you get to your shopping destination without confusion or getting lost, and that you are able to make it back to your wonderful room at VIE Hotel Bangkok safely and comfortably.

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