13 Popular night market Bangkok (You Must Visit) - VIE Hotel Bangkok

13 Popular night market Bangkok (You Must Visit) - VIE Hotel Bangkok

BBangkok is well known as a shopper’s paradise and one of the popular places to visit in Bangkok. On the international scale, shopping in the City of Angels is incomparable and definitely one of the major attractions that draw so many millions of tourists to the city every year.

Unlike most other cities, however, Thailand’s capital offers much more than merely the shopping mall experience and is part of What to do in Bangkok. While there are, in fact, a fantastic number of enormous, multi-leveled, and gleaming malls well placed along the city’s public transportation routes, such as the BTS Skytrain and MRT Subway — and most of them are superlatively stocked with the latest and greatest in brand name fashions and cutting-edge tech and similar gadgets, as well as restaurants, cinemas, bowling alleys, and, most importantly, air conditioning! — this is far from the whole picture of the vast enjoyment visitors get out of shopping in Bangkok.

The real secret to getting the most out of the shopping scene in Bangkok is acquainting yourself with the range and location of Bangkok night markets. Here we’ll provide you with a helpful Night Market Bangkok Guide to get you started on your way to shopping bliss in the night markets of the most exciting city on the globe when the sun goes down!

A true symbol of the city, the Bangkok night market is an outgrowth of the local village market arranged on a smaller scale for centuries—both in Thailand and around the world. In Thailand this is typically called a Talad Nut, the regular market at which to buy one’s groceries and maybe some clothing or other usual household utility items like spoons or brooms.



As the city grew and more and more people were interested in both offering their wares and in shopping within a place offering the greatest range of products, these markets likewise expanded. And of course the ever increasing tourism influx has fueled the incredible popularity of the Bangkok night market. Land was purchased, set aside or subsidized for the establishment of the city’s night markets. Some are older, some are newer, but all of them draw in the crowds like wild as the evening begins and weather is cooler, offering a fabulous diversity in products as well as eateries, pubs and music.


The Bangkok night market is now a quintessential attraction during a visit to the most interesting city on earth. Let’s explore the true Thai shopping experience with our Night Market Bangkok Guide that will help you decide where to go and how to get there.


Have fun shopping your helpful Night Market Bangkok  Guide!


Night Market Bangkok, A Place for Everyone

Bangkok Night Market, a place for everyone, is a bustling and vibrant destination where people of all ages, including Thai locals and tourists, come to indulge in the lively shopping experience. The main reasons why night markets in Bangkok are lively and active include diversity and variety. The night markets welcome everyone, whether young fashion enthusiasts or families seeking affordable finds. People can find a wide range of products at night markets. Additionally, night markets in Bangkok have a unique, energetic atmosphere, making people eager to explore a vast array of goods while enjoying the company of family and friends.

Patpong Night Market is known for its vibrant nightlife

12 Popular night markets in Bangkok

Here is the list of 12 popular night markets in Bangkok that you must visit.

Patpong Night Market:

Located in the Silom area of Bangkok, Patpong Night Market is known for its vibrant nightlife. The market offers a mix of stalls selling clothing, accessories, souvenirs, and a variety of street food Bangkok. Visitors can immerse themselves in the energetic atmosphere, shop for unique finds, and experience the well-known bustling nightlife of Bangkok.

Srinakarin Train Night Market:

Talad Rot Fai, also known as the Train Market, is a trendy and unique night market in Bangkok. Situated in the Srinakarin area, it stands out for its vintage and retro vibes. The market showcases an eclectic mix of goods, including collectibles, antiques, trendy fashion items, and a wide array of delectable street food.


Asiatique the Riverfront:

Asiatique the Riverfront is a popular modern night market along the Chao Phraya River. Housed in a restored warehouse, it offers over 1,500 boutiques with fashion, handicrafts, and souvenirs. Visitors can enjoy cultural shows, waterfront dining, and stunning views from the Asiatique Sky ferris wheel.

Asiatique the Riverfront is a popular modern night market along the Chao Phraya River

Asiatique The Riverfront is easily reached by taking the market’s express ferry from the Sathorn Pier at the Taksin BTS Skytrain station.

Khao San Road Night Market:

Known for its bustling nightlife, it offers a wide array of budget-friendly fashion, accessories, and unique street food. The lively atmosphere is filled with music, neon lights, and a diverse range of vendors selling everything from clothing to quirky T-shirts.

Khlong Thom Market:

Khlong Thom Market or the “Flashlight Market”, is famous for its second-hand and vintage goods, electronics, and various odds and ends. It’s a unique and interesting place to explore for bargain hunters and those seeking quirky and unusual items.

Chatuchak Friday Night Market:


Chatuchak Friday Night Market is an extension of the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market, offering local products and handicrafts. It’s a relaxed shopping experience with a variety of unique finds. Perfect for a fun Friday night outing in Bangkok.

Neon Night Market:

One of Bangkok’s newest ventures, the Neon Night Market is located quite close to the Pratunam area and Platinum Shopping Mall, which makes puts it well within a comfortable distance from VIE Hotel Bangkok. The Neon Night Market has a bit of a unique and funky style all its own, amidst its rows selling stylish apparel, trinkets and accessories, including the wild and weirder products of artistic imagination!

Besides the usual shop stalls, it also makes great use of huge shipping containers, transforming them into the various shops and even eateries you can encounter there. And, living up to its name, the Neon Night Market is wreathed in fun and futuristic neon lighting, giving it a festival atmosphere.

Chatuchak Friday Night Market is an extension of the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market

Pratunam Market:

Pratunam Market is a bustling wholesale market with affordable fashion, textiles, and accessories. A favorite spot for bargain hunters and fashion enthusiasts seeking great deals.

Ratchada Night Market:

Ratchada Night Market is a hip and trendy market in Bangkok, known for its unique fashion finds and live music. It offers a lively and enjoyable atmosphere, perfect for a fun night out with friends. A great spot to explore the city’s vibrant nightlife and shop for stylish items.

Huai Khwang Night Market:

Huai Khwang Night Market is a local market in Bangkok with a wide variety of street food and shopping options. It offers an authentic Thai experience and is popular among both locals and tourists. A great place to savor local flavors and discover unique finds.

Huai Khwang Night Market is a local market in Bangkok with a wide variety of street food and shopping options

On Nut Night Market:

On Nut Night Market is a vibrant and popular market among locals, featuring a mix of fashion, food, and household items. It offers a lively and bustling atmosphere, making it a great place to immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy delicious street food.

JJ Green Night Market:

JJ Green Night Market, adjacent to Chatuchak Weekend Market, offers a vintage and retro shopping experience. It’s a unique spot with a laid-back vibe, perfect for those seeking one-of-a-kind items, vintage clothing, and antiques.

Talad Rot Fai Ratchada:

Ratchada Train Market, situated near the Cultural Center MRT station, offers a vibrant atmosphere with vintage items, fashion, street food, and live music. The market is famous for its unique vibes, offering a wide variety of unique and quirky items, including collectibles, antiques, second-hand goods, and trendy fashion items.

More Bangkok Night Markets


As a shopping symbol of the city, the list of exciting night markets certainly doesn’t stop here! Virtually every major neighborhood in the sprawling capital of Thailand will feature one not too far away.

Other major night markets of interest include:

Rot Fai Market Srinakarin – Older than the Train Market on Ratchada, this one is a little harder to get to, being off the main public transportation rails, but it is even bigger!

Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Night Market – Named after the huge shell of a passenger liner set up in front, this market is hands down the most innovative. You’ll find here a plethora of products made from scrap of all kinds, often verging on the wackier side of art — all in good fun! The market also hosts some excellent dining venues.

Shopping is one of the most important activities in Bangkok, and Thais have turned into a fun and thrilling adventure among the night markets available. You can get to most of them via the Skytrain, which is conveniently located just outside of VIE Hotel Bangkok, the perfect location for your nighttime shopping trips.


The night markets in Bangkok have a lot to offer: collectibles, fashionable clothes, antiques, and second-hand goods. It depends on what kind of bustling ambience you want to experience since each night market has its own distinctive style. The VIE Hotel Bangkok offers you a strategic location to explore the city. Hotel near phaya thai bts, staying at the hotel gives you the convenience to explore the city. It is also located near the Airport Rail Link station; hence, visitors can easily commute from Suvarnabhumi Airport. With its excellent service and top-tier accommodations, the VIE Hotel Bangkok is known as one of the best luxury hotels in Bangkok. Choosing to stay at the VIE Hotel Bangkok will never be a bad choice or a mistake, for the hotel only offers the best of all bests to every guest.


Like to go out to a Bangkok night market? Just ask! Our helpful Concierge is known for warm and personalized assistance. He will make sure that you get to your shopping destination without confusion or getting lost, and that you are able to make it back to your wonderful room at VIE Hotel Bangkok safely and comfortably.

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  • 13-popular-night-market-bangkok-you-must-visit-vie-hotel-bangkok
  • 13-popular-night-market-bangkok-you-must-visit-vie-hotel-bangkok
  • 13-popular-night-market-bangkok-you-must-visit-vie-hotel-bangkok
  • 13-popular-night-market-bangkok-you-must-visit-vie-hotel-bangkok
  • 13-popular-night-market-bangkok-you-must-visit-vie-hotel-bangkok
  • 13-popular-night-market-bangkok-you-must-visit-vie-hotel-bangkok


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