The best Michelin star Bangkok Can't Miss – Signature Bangkok

The best Michelin star Bangkok Can't Miss – Signature Bangkok

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Signature BangkokSignature Bangkok

From French cuisine to innovative fusion creations, the Michelin-starred restaurants in Bangkok

Bangkok is home to several world-class dining establishments that have been awarded coveted Michelin stars. These prestigious accolades recognize the exceptional culinary experiences offered by these restaurants. From French cuisine to innovative fusion creations, the Michelin-starred restaurants in Bangkok showcase the city’s vibrant food scene and its commitment to gastronomic excellence. With their meticulous attention to detail, impeccable service, and exquisite flavors, these dining destinations provide unforgettable culinary journeys for discerning food lovers seeking the very best in Bangkok. We’ve provided you with the best Michelin Stars in Bangkok that you can’t miss, including Signature Bangkok, located on the 11th floor of the VIE Hotel Bangkok.

Michelin Star Restaurant

Signature Bangkok Signature BangkokSignature Bangkok

A Michelin star restaurant is a dining establishment that has been recognized and awarded by the Michelin Guide, a prestigious international restaurant guidebook. Michelin stars are symbols of culinary excellence and are highly regarded in the culinary world. Restaurants are awarded stars based on the quality of their cuisine, the creativity and innovation of their dishes, the skill of their chefs, and the overall dining experience they offer. Michelin stars are often seen as a mark of distinction and indicate that a restaurant has achieved a high level of culinary mastery.

A Michelin star restaurant stands out from other restaurants due to its exceptional quality, culinary excellence, and overall dining experience. Here are a few reasons why a Michelin star restaurant is considered different and special:


Michelin stars are highly coveted and prestigious accolades in the culinary world. Being awarded a Michelin star signifies that the restaurant has reached an exceptional level of culinary mastery and is recognized for its excellence.

Exceptional Cuisine:

Michelin star restaurants are known for serving extraordinary food prepared with precision, creativity, and high-quality ingredients. The chefs demonstrate exceptional skills and expertise in crafting dishes that are innovative, flavorful, and visually stunning.

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Michelin star restaurants consistently deliver exceptional dining experiences. The quality of the food, service, and ambience is maintained at a high level to ensure that guests have a memorable and enjoyable meal each time they visit.

Attention to Detail:

Michelin star restaurants pay meticulous attention to every aspect of the dining experience, from the presentation of dishes to the quality of service. The ambiance, table settings, and overall atmosphere are carefully curated to enhance the overall experience.

Culinary Exploration:

Michelin star restaurants often push the boundaries of culinary creativity and offer unique and adventurous dining experiences. They may showcase innovative techniques, rare ingredients, and exciting flavor combinations that take guests on a gastronomic journey. list of top Michelin Star restaurants in Bangkok

Top Michelin Star in Bangkok

Here is the list of top Michelin Star restaurants in Bangkok that you may want to check out:

1. Signature Bangkok – a 1 Michelin Star

Signature Bangkok, a Michelin-starred restaurant, is a must-visit for food enthusiasts. With its exceptional culinary expertise, it offers a remarkable dining experience featuring exquisite dishes crafted with the finest ingredients. Signature Bangkok’s Art-Deco dining room, together with the magnificent taste of edible flowers and herbs, makes the ambience relaxed, welcome, and appealing at the same time. The signature of the restaurant is how the menus follow the rhythms of the season, making it unique and expressive as the ingredients used represent each particular season. If you are intrigued by floral cuisine, come and try out Chef Thierry’s dishes. “Cuisine of the Soil” by Chef Thierry is superb and intriguing, allowing guests to discover the delicate interpretations weaved together to make a dish. Moreover, Chef Thierry is known for maintaining the legendary 2-Michelin Star for nine consecutive years. Guests can rest assured that they will have the best moment at Signature Bangkok. Located on the 11th floor of the VIE Hotel Bangkok, visitors can drop by the restaurant easily by riding the BTS Skytrain and getting off at the Ratchathewi BTS Station.

2. Methavalai Sorndaeng – a 1 Michelin Star

Methavalai Sorndaeng is a historic restaurant in Bangkok known for its traditional Thai cuisine and elegant atmosphere. Located in a charming colonial-style building, it has been serving locals and visitors for over 60 years. The restaurant offers a range of classic Thai dishes prepared with authentic flavors and high-quality ingredients. With its nostalgic ambiance and a menu that reflects the rich culinary heritage of Thailand, Methavalai Sorndaeng provides a delightful dining experience for those seeking a taste of traditional Thai cuisine in a historic setting.

3. Potong – a 1 Michelin Star

Potong restaurant, located in Soi Wanit 1, is known for its traditional and novel fusion of Thai and Chinese Cuisine. Potong blends rustic and modern décor throughout, from the ground floor bar to the rooftop chill space, and is housed in a historic Sino-Portuguese structure that once housed Chef Pam’s family’s Chinese pharmacy. If you want to have a new experience both in food and atmosphere, Potong may be another great choice.

4. Jay Fai – a 1 Michelin Star

Jay Fai is a renowned Bangkok street food eatery located in Bangkok that has been awarded one Michelin star. Known for its exceptional Thai-style seafood dishes, such as the famous crab omelet and dry congee, Jay Fai offers an authentic and affordable dining experience. The restaurant is particularly famous for its charismatic owner, Jay Fai, who can often be seen wearing goggles while expertly preparing the dishes over charcoal fires.

5. Jeh O – (MICHELIN Bib Gourmand 2023)

Jeh O, mostly known as Jeh O Chula, is a popular restaurant located in Rong Muang. Known for its delicious Thai-style beef noodles, Jeh O offers a range of flavorful and satisfying dishes. The restaurant has gained a reputation for its tasty broth, tender beef, and generous portion sizes. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Jeh O is a great place to indulge in a hearty bowl of noodles and experience authentic Thai flavors.


To conclude, Bangkok is also home to many Michelin-starred restaurants. Whether it be a fine restaurant or a street food vendor, the capital city of Thailand has a wide range of options for you to choose from. The aforementioned list of Michelin-starred restaurants in Bangkok is known for its distinctive, unique styles. You can also search the Michelin Guide to explore other recommended restaurants, try the various tastes, and indulge in unforgettable experiences that Bangkok has to offer. Stop by the VIE Hotel Bangkok and try out Chef Thierry’s floral cuisine to freshen yourself. The dishes are captivating and enchanting, both in terms of their tastes and looks, making the experience truly exclusive to you.


5-course Flower Bouquet

Starting from THB 4,500++

8-course Flower Bouquet

Starting from THB 5,200++



Opening Day: Tuesday – Sunday | Opening Hours: 18:00 – 22:00 hrs (Last order 20:00 hrs)


Dress Code: Smart & Stylish (No singlets, shorts & sandals)


Meet Chef Thierry

Born in Nantes, in France’s beautiful Loire Valley, Chef Thierry was drawn to the art of cooking while watching his father prepare the family’s Sunday meal. Inspired by nature, Chef Thierry calls his approach “cuisine of the soil”, which brings together the finest, purest ingredients and flavours of land and sea. Chef Thierry’s menus chart a journey of discovery, taking guests through the intimate stories behind each ingredient. At Signature Bangkok, Chef Thierry continues to innovate and evolve his dedication to ‘floral cuisine’ . Inspired by Thailand’s rich natural landscape, Chef Thierry draws on subtle, delicate flavours of edible flowers and herbs to craft beautiful presentations with light and highly concentrated flavours. Grounded in the art of French cooking, Chef Thierry creates meals that are impeccably French and surprisingly light and expressive, making them an ideal experience for special occasions and everyday dining.

Prior to launching Signature Bangkok, Chef Thierry ran the legendary 2-Michelin star Thierry Drapeau Logis de la St. Soplice en Vendée en Pays de La Loire, France. Chef Thierry received his first Michelin star in 2005, within one year of opening. A second Michelin star followed in 2010. He held on to the exclusive 2-Michelin star pedigree for nine consecutive years, making him one of a few chefs worldwide to attain this remarkable achievement.

  • The best Michelin star Bangkok Can't Miss – Signature Bangkok

    11th Floor, 117-39/40 Phaya Thai Road
    Opening Time: Tuesday - Sunday (18:00 - 22:00 hrs.) Last order 20:00 hrs.
    Tel: (+66)6-5950-9742
    Fax: -


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