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Travel with Kids in Bangkok

It’s time to start making a plan for your next family holiday and you have a lot to think about. A number of important ingredients go into creating the perfect family vacation. Moreover, they all seem absolutely essential! Leaving just one out could send the kids plummeting into boredom and turn the whole vacation into a wild match of wills. We’ve all been there, though hopefully for shorter periods. And of course with experience, we know how to pick up the mood, turn things back around and get the whole party going in the right direction again.


All of this is a lot easier when we choose the right destination for our family vacation. What we need is a place that has it all. A place in which we can build memories of our shared experience as a family with our kids — this is all part of the pleasure for us as the parents.


This place has to be almost magical in its uniqueness and vibrancy. And it should be literally brimming over with incredible things to see and fun activities to do. This is the kind of thing that the kids will remember forever … and that parents will be glad they planned.


When you begin considering family accommodations in Bangkok you are on the right path to a happy vacation traveling with the kids. This is especially true when you choose a hotel right in the center of the city, with easy access to the Skytrain’s BTS Siam Station, which will get you all where you want to go quickly and comfortably.


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First of all, you couldn’t ask for a more exciting city to thrill your kids. Theirs will widen at all the different sights and sounds surrounding them 24 hours a day — or at least until they fall into a great night’s sleep exhausted and content.


Bangkok offers experiences they have never had before and sights they have never seen. The marvels of a golden temple amaze visitors of all ages, and Bangkok has many. In fact, you are liable to see a number of them in transit from one spot to another in this fantastic city every time you all venture out together from your Bangkok family suite.


Tranquil parks, believe it or not, are also a feature of Thailand’s intriguing capital city. They are an excellent solution for a day of rest or a bit of badminton or Frisbee.


Travel with kids in Bangkok


Shopping is a premium activity in Bangkok and the enormous shopping malls of the city are famous all over the world. Without a doubt the younger members of your family will find something interesting in them. However, the real fun for the family is in one of the city’s buzzing night markets. It is there that kids will want to spend some of their own allowance money on cool trinkets or souvenirs.


Even the most active kids will enjoy some of the museums in Bangkok, particularly those that are interactive and tailor-made for the young — or at least for the young at heart!


Some of the most fun and exciting spots are right in Bangkok. The vast aquarium of Bangkok Sealife is near the top of the list for everyone and it is definitely going on the Top 5 Things to Do with Kids in Bangkok collection.


And here you are! Keep this short, but very important, list handy when you are ready to embark on the best family holiday you and your children have ever had together. Have a look below at the Top 5 Things to Do with Kids in Bangkok.




1. Temples in Bangkok


Temples in Bangkok are a major attraction, drawing literally millions of visitors from around the world every year. Of course, a huge number of Thais frequent them also, to pray or to seek a better fortune. Known for being opulently gilded and a true spectacle for the eyes, they are also places of peach and serenity. While opinions may differ as to the best temple to visit in Bangkok, and they are all a bit far from the Skytrain, the three major temples are undisputed must-sees while you are in Thailand’s capital.


Wat Pho, also known as the Temple of the Sleeping Buddha, is a large complex with many quiet little areas. Named for its tremendous gold leaf covered image of the Buddha in the recumbent position, it is a strong contender for the best temple to visit in Bangkok. It is also a great place for a massage as one of the country’s oldest traditional massage schools is located here.


Wat Phra Kaew, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, is many people’s favorite and often cited as the best temple to visit in Bangkok. This is because of the huge gold covered chedi (pagoda) which is absolutely striking. In the main chapel a jade image is so sacred to the Thais that only there king is allowed to touch it.


As for Wat Arun, or the Temple of Dawn, it is also a lovely place to visit but probably even better when seen at night from the other side of the Chao Phraya River as its exquisite marble spires are lit up with golden light.


Lumphini Park

2. Lumphini Park


Kids need the outdoors and Lumphini Park supplies it. A sprawling bucolic space right in the middle of the city, with playground areas and even a lake with paddle boats, you could get lost in its 58 hectares (142 acres) of flowers, trees, parkland pathways and ornaments. This is a great place for a picnic and a nap, or to play a round of badminton. A main entrance is located just down the road from the BTS Saladaeng Station, which is only two stops from the BTS Siam Station. Fresh air and relaxation are minutes away from VIE Hotel Bangkok! That’s a strong recommendation for family accommodations in Bangkok.


Bangkok Night Market

3. Night Market


While Chatuchak is open at night and famous as being perhaps Asia’s largest outdoor market, the family will probably find the Ratchada Train Market more manageable and navigable. Just take the Skytrain down to the Asoke Station, where you will find the link to the MRT Subway. The night market is just behind the Esplanade Shopping Mall at the Thai Cultural Center Station. Have fun shopping!


Bangkok art and culture center

4. Museums


You will want to take your kids to the National Science Museum, for education and for fun. Kids love to see how things work and they love to participate in making them work. The Concierge at VIE Hotel Bangkok will be more than happy to direct you there.


Sealife Bangkok

5. Bangkok Sealife


A place that has to be on the Top 5 Things to Do with Kids in Bangkok is Bangkok Sealife. Located below the high-end Paragon shopping mall, these vast aquarium houses thousands of species of fish, sharks and other sea life. The famous shark tunnel lets you walk right amidst them and kids will be even more excited about it than adults. This is located right at the BTS Siam Station.


All you need is a hotel nearby, with a comfortable and inspiring décor, and good food! VIE Hotel Bangkok is only one BTS stop from Siam and offers the best family accommodations in Bangkok with its roomy Bangkok family suite. Not only does the Bangkok family suite in this modern and elegant hotel give you each the privacy and space you need, but children’s activity books and things to do can be arranged for the kids, making sure they feel they are special and part of an important time with family.

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