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Omakase at YTSB – Yellow Tail Sushi Bar

The enjoyment of good food is the love of life. One of our greatest pleasures is eating. And because variety is the spice of life, a stay in the foodies’ paradise of Bangkok is an always an enriching and joyful adventure for the palate.


Millions of people every year travel to Thailand looking to enjoy Thai food at its source in a Bangkok restaurant. Ask people from all over the world about their favorite food and you will find Thai cuisine high up on the list. From the tantalizing street food found on every busy corner of the city to an elegant Bangkok restaurant serving the royal cuisine of bygone centuries, you can find every dish you desire here. And probably many more you have never heard of!


But Thai food is far from the only cuisine available in Bangkok. Beyond the national cuisine, if you can’t find the food you’re looking for in Bangkok, it probably doesn’t exist!


Bangkok’s position in Southeast Asia makes it a major travel hub, as well as being a powerhouse of international business and investment. With fabulous sights, gorgeous temples, and incredible beaches, Thailand is also one of the world’s most beloved travel destinations. All of this ensures an incredible range of gastronomic experiences. When you are looking for a great restaurant, Bangkok is the place to be, where it seems like there is more food and more varieties of food than anywhere else in the world.


You can even learn to make your own with one of the excellent professional chef courses in the city. These short but fascinating learning experiences can be arranged through certain hotels, though some stand-alone schools also flourish in Bangkok, where eating is national pastime. The instructors are certified and often well-recognized in the Thai dining scene. After one of these professional chef courses in Bangkok, you’ll be on your way to creating your own Thai or fusion dishes or even your own Bangkok sushi.


In fact, Japanese food in Bangkok maintains a strong and delicious presence in this city of delightful cuisines. A thriving sector of the Bangkok food experience, Japanese food in Bangkok is outstanding among all the choices for dining, or even professional chef courses, and introduces you to an endless voyage of culinary ecstasy.


This is particularly true of Bangkok sushi, best enjoyed in a Bangkok omakase, in which the diner’s palate roams from one dish to another, always discovering a new dish or a new way to make it, for every single chef in the city adds their own special signature touches to the world’s most exquisite cuisine.


Omakase is an honoured Japanese tradition, a tribute to innovation in the culinary arts. And Bangkok omakase offers you an incredible range of it to enjoy. The word “omakase” means to respectfully leave something to another’s decision. In culinary terms, these means to trust the chef’s talent and skills to create spontaneous arrangements of delight, served in a series of small courses, each one a bite of heaven. The best omakase chefs remain extremely aware of their customer’s reactions to every dish and seek to draw out and customize their creations to each diner’s taste and preference.


For this reason, most Bangkok omakase restaurants are cozy affairs, serving only eight, ten or perhaps twelve diners at a time. This allows the chef to put his full attention on his art and the effect of his delectable art on those who are enjoying it, reading their faces as the flavor works its piquant sensations through their palate and lingers in pleasurable memory until the next course. This is the most perfect way to enjoy Bangkok sushi.


The only question left is where to begin your experience of omakase! Certainly you will want to find a restaurant that is easy to get to in the notorious Bangkok traffic. But you will also want a venue that is stylish enough to bring a date to or an important business associate. At the same time it should be cozy, the kind of place a few old friends could meet and share a glass of some rare and tongue-tingling sake with their dinner. It should be well-regarded among the many knowledgeable gourmands of the city.

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Among all the many choices for Japanese food in Bangkok, very few fit the bill in all regards like YTSB – Yellow Tail Sushi Bar. Located in a stylishly daring front tower of VIE Hotel Bangkok, MGallery by Sofitel, it is a very short walk from the BTS Ratchathewi station, which already earns a few points for convenience.


Extremely fresh fish and large portions are exciting reasons why YTSB – Yellow Tail Sushi Bar has been dubbed “the best sushi in Bangkok”. It is also well on its way to becoming known as the best omakase in Bangkok as well. The restaurant’s chef is a master in Japanese cuisine. The restaurant does not open without him ensuring that every single ingredient, most of which have been imported directly from Japan, are extremely fresh and of the highest possible quality.


The fish at Yellow Tail Sushi Bar is imported live, and this makes an enormous difference to taste. The delicate cuts of fish, under his expert hands, become so delectable they are almost creamy as they begi to slowly melt in your mouth, redolent with rich and savory flavors your taste buds have never encountered before.


It is here that you come to understand the true meaning of the ancient term “ambrosia”, as your senses literally reel in wonder at how good something can really taste. And because the dinner actually changes every single night, being left completely up to the creative whims of the master chef and the responses of his small number of diners, you are ensured of a unique experience each and every time you visit YTSB for another unforgettable sushi and omakase dinner.


Simply booking for a reservation is where to begin your own journey to a heaven more delicious than you have ever allowed yourself to dream of before, and it is a decision you will not regret. As everybody knows, it is impossible to truly regret something that feels so good!


Of course, we haven’t even begun discussing all the numerous healthful benefits of tuna or salmon and why they are good for you to eat, and the kind of meal recommended by the leading health experts and so on and so forth … But you probably know all that.



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