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Best Thai Massage in Bangkok

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When you think of massage, you think of Thailand. And you are quite right to do so. Traditional Thai massage is one of the priceless local experiences in Bangkok, the bustling capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. Getting a luxurious and relaxing massage at a spa in Bangkok has simply got to be on your list of must-dos while you are vacationing in Thailand. Once you discover the best Thai massage in Bangkok, you will probably want to have more than one treatment during your stay at VIE Hotel Bangkok.


The long history of Thai massage in Thailand reaches back into the mists of legend. The practice of massage here seems to be inherited from ancient Ayurvedic traditions combined with local wisdom and experience over time. The traditional Thai massage involves a lot of stretching and the use of pressure points along the energy lines of the body. Being both relaxing, and almost a bit challenging if the pressure is great, those who indulge in this most essential of the local experiences in Bangkok, walk away feeling more refreshed and buoyant than ever, as if their body has been rejuvenated and cleared of stiff blockages in the muscles.


The best Thai massage in Bangkok is something you will want to repeat regularly, for pleasure as well as for health. Once you find the spa in Bangkok you love, it will become a permanent landmark in your personal map of the city. No trip to Thailand is complete without this wonderful experience at least once!




Long considered the place to have, if not the best Thai massage in Bangkok, certainly one of the most respected of places to do it, a Wat Pho Thai massage takes place within the premises of this sacred temple’s grounds in the city. Wat Pho Thai Massage School is the most massage school in the country. Many of the most expert therapists will have studied here, including some at VIE Spa by ORGANIKA in VIE Hotel Bangkok.


According to the temple’s history, records of massage techniques and herbal cures are kept here dating back to the 12th century and the Sukhothai era of the region of Siam at least at least. Wat Pho Massage School, situated within Wat Pho, also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, is a great place to visit during your holiday in the city of Bangkok.


Of course, once you have enjoyed this most amazing of local experiences in Bangkok, you will want to do it again as soon as you have time. In fact, you will want to make time for it! In this case, having a spa in Bangkok which is located quite near your hotel is not only advisable — it’s necessary!


There is probably no greater luxury in the world than having a superb spa in Bangkok within just a few steps of your room. Combined with the modern and elegant furnishings of VIE Hotel Bangkok, this is like the life you always wished you had.




VIE Spa by ORGANIKA is a special place and not merely a city hotel spa. The philosophy of this center of well-being is that nature has the power to heal humankind within it, and we need to use that power in order to put our body and minds in the right place for optimum health and performance.


To that end, the spa uses all 100% natural and organic ingredients during its treatments, weather this is an oil massage, wrap, facial or any other item on its tempting menu.


Moreover, a special focus of VIE Spa by ORGANIKA is the attention given to the restorative effects of aroma. The intriguing powers of the sense of smell are able to unlock areas of the mind and memory, and relax the body, in ways that many other treatments cannot reach.


The spa’s fantastic Ear Candle Massage Treatment also uses all-natural ingredients and is really a unique experience all on its own. Many guests to the spa have called it the best Thai massage in Bangkok, and it certainly holds a significant place in the range of massage treatments available in Thailand, as well as in the very wide range of incredible and memorable experiences one can possibly enjoy while in the Land of Smiles, Thailand.


The spa is located on the 10th floor of the hotel and is open from 10 am to 10 pm. This is another benefit for guests who are visiting from outside the hotel as it is so easy to get to. VIE Hotel Bangkok is located a short three minutes’ walk from the Ratchathewi station of the BTS Skytrain. It is very convenient simply to ride over and take your first step into deep bliss.





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