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YTSB Seasonal Omakase

Discover the most thrilling dining experience Bangkok has to offer, with exquisitely prepared and extremely fresh ingredients that will delight and amaze you at  YTSB – Yellow Tail Sushi Bar

Lunch – 12pm to 3pm

Dinner – 5pm to 10pm

Close every Sunday


YTSB Seasonal Omakase courses are available for both Lunch Omakase and Dinner Omakase


Lunch Omakase

Available for 14 courses
Starting at THB 3,500++ / person


Dinner Omakase

Available for 16 & 21 courses
Starting at THB 5,500++ / person


Omakase in Bangkok Omakase in Bangkok Omakase in Bangkok

The Japanese word “Omakase” translates as “I leave it to you” and implies trusting the chef’s own artistic whims to create an original and spontaneous menu of delights customized to each of his guest’s tastes, in dish after dish of delicious pleasure.

Our extraordinarily skillful Master Sushi Chef honours the highest traditions of Japanese culinary art, using only the freshest fish possible and the most delicate cuts of his top quality and well-sourced ingredients. He creates an experience in which every bite is a sheer and unique ecstasy as it melts on the palate, during what has rightly been called the most delectable Japanese dining in the city.

With his creative visions unleashed in our nightly YTSB Exclusive Omakase sessions, which seat only ten persons every evening for a range of courses complemented by a wide selection of rare and superb sakes, diners will discover a mastery of the culinary arts far beyond their expectations and enjoy the ultimate experience of the world’s most exquisite cuisine.



Omakase in Bangkok

Asking anyone why they love to visit Bangkok, the vast and busy capital of Thailand, and you had better be prepared to sit down and listen for a while. Without a doubt, they will give you an earful, with an exciting list of incredible sights that are like no other place in the whole wide world.

You will hear descriptions of gorgeous and glittering temples covered in gleaming gold. They will regal you with stories of shopping extravaganzas, vast malls and vibrant night markets that all seem too good to be true. Relaxing on tranquil beaches that stretch on forever is another definite fave. The friendly culture and the warm Thai smile will certainly figure highly in their pleasant recollections of an amazing vacation in Thailand.

But there is one thing that will stand out. A marvelous detail that has made its unforgettable mark on every single day will keep coming up in the conversation. This aspect of their love for Bangkok is the unbelievable eating to be had in the city of Bangkok, where you can find every kind of cuisine under the sun. You could not possible name them all and it would take years to explore every one of them.

It could be a Japanese restaurant near Siam. Or it could be the Indian restaurants in Surawongse promising you a spicy delight. French restaurants well situated here and there introduce you to the rich art of being delicious. Chinese, from Mandarin to Cantonese, are strongly and succulently represented along the broad boulevards. You can find tasty Lebanese, Egyptian and other Mediterranean menus. Italian is almost ubiquitous and very good. To tell the truth we might as well stop here, since the list goes on forever.

Omakase in Bangkok Omakase in Bangkok Omakase in Bangkok


Nonetheless, among all these culinary discoveries, trying omakase in Bangkok has got to be one of the best. Omakase in Bangkok is certainly one of the most popular. Everyone who loves the wonderful world of Japanese tradition will have their favorite omakase restaurant in Bangkok as well. The look of bliss and satisfaction in their eyes when they tell you about it will probably make you want to explore omakase in Bangkok for yourself at an omakase restaurant in Bangkok.

And when you look around the city, it becomes very clear that the Thai people love Japanese food. Just stroll into your nearest shopping mall and you are bound to find a whole range of restaurants offering it. Quite a delicious variety is available. You could go for simply ramen noodles in one of the huge numbers of cute little shops around the city. The buffets are another exciting choice, especially where you can see the small dishes traveling around the restaurant on a clever conveyor belt track, and you can just pick up the ones that look like something you would like to enjoy. You can find every style of Japanese restaurant near Siam. Finally, you can look into what a restaurant belonging to the MGallery Collection is like, and what mouthwatering morsels it has to offer.

Beginning your journey with a Japanese restaurant near Siam such as YTSB – Yellow Tail Sushi Bar is your surest route to pleasure.

For one, there are so many wonderful things to do in Siam and it is the heart of all things called “downtown” in Thailand’s capital. Siam is the most bustling of the business districts in Bangkok. It is the commercial capital of the city, which means it is brimming over with glitzy shopping malls both high-end and bargaining havens. And there are cultural experiences to explore such as the Jim Thompson House museum or the Bangkok Art and Culture Center. And the very best way to punctuate your day through all of these exciting and intriguing activities is with some delectable omakase in Bangkok at a Japanese restaurant near Siam.

Omakase in Bangkok Omakase in Bangkok Omakase in Bangkok


For your taste buds’ sake, it is a highly recommended piece of information to pick up. Your palate will thank you for finding out just why it is that omakase is so beloved. In the Japanese language, omakase means “leaving it up to the chef”. So what you experience at an omakase restaurant such as YTSB – Yellow Tail Sushi Bar, which is located in VIE Hotel Bangkok, from the MGallery Collection, is pure creativity.

Rather than a menu of dishes and items that have been pre-planned for you to peruse and order, an omakase menu (if there is one) simply tells you how many courses you can expect to enjoy during the evening. The chef invents them as he goes along, using all of his experience, skill and natural talent to produce little works of art, which represent the most exquisite and delicate cuisine in the world. The chef will gauge your reactions and use his culinary acumen to further please and delight you with each successive course of sushi or sashimi or other morsel of goodness he presents before you.

For this reason of intimacy and artistic specialization that is so necessary in the preparation, the serving, and the eating of omakase in Bangkok, the area is quite small inside the restaurant. As at YTSB – Yellow Tail Sushi Bar, a long bar facilitating the attention of the chef and staff is the most important part of the furnishings.

A cosy atmosphere is the perfect complement to an omakase menu, whether this means twelve or sixteen or even twenty incredible and delicious courses for the evening. You are often given a choice. Signature drinks are also a wonderful way to augment your omakase. YTSB, the Japanese restaurant in VIE Hotel Bangkok, offers hard to find and truly superb sakes. There is nothing like enjoying extremely fresh and generous portions of excellently cut sashimi along with a lovely glass of the highest quality sake.

Everyone says that this Japanese restaurant, YTSB at VIE Hotel Bangkok, from the MGallery Collection, is where you will discover the best omakase in town. It is really a marvelous world of its own that you can immerse yourself in. So far absolutely no one who has come for it has ever been disappointed and no one has ever been found who has regretted the unique experience of omakase at YTSB – Yellow Tail Sushi Bar at VIE.

Of course, another helpful little detail is that it is so very easy to get to. The restaurant is actually situated in a front tower that stands before the rest of the hotel. You can see it very well from the BTS Skytrain as you pass by. We should mention that the BTS Skytrain station at Ratchathewi is no more than two or three minutes’ walk from the entrance to the very restaurant itself. There is nothing preventing you from indulging in one of the absolute best culinary experiences you will ever have—in Bangkok, in Thailand, in South East Asia, or perhaps even in the entire world.

Omakase is the height of gourmet dining and this is the one thing you should try before you leave this exciting city.

For more details and reservations, please contact: +66 2309-3839



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