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VIE Spa is one of the finest boutique spas in Bangkok, combining the timeless wisdom of Thailand’s healing arts with the very best of contemporary practice, all in the chic surroundings of VIE Hotel Bangkok.


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VIE Spa is the very first MGallery Hotel Collection spa of its kind in Thailand.

At VIE Spa, a strong focus is put on the positive benefits of aromatherapy during treatment. Emphasizing the power of aroma, handpicked blends create a journey through realms of calming and energizing scents designed to balance your life in our hectic modern environment, particularly in the urban environment where we need it most.

Our therapists will help you to identify the precise treatments your body and your mind require to restore their optimal healthy balance. With their experience, knowledge and skillful hands, you will be relieved of the stress and fatigue held in the deepest layers of your body during the course of everyday life.

Treat yourself to a journey through the world of scents and enjoy a completely new level of pampering and health at VIE Spa.


VIE Spa – A Bangkok Luxury Spa

Bangkok is a place you can just keep coming back to. No matter how many times you have been to this magical and marvelously enormous metropolis, something always draw you back to the City of Angels.

Of course, a great reason for the irresistible attraction which so many people find in the capital of Thailand has a lot to do with there being such a fantastic variety of things to do in this city. And truly it seems as if there really is something for everything. Bangkok must be the one urban center on earth in which everyone can discover something they enjoy — and that there is actually a whole lot of it! The most exciting nightlife on earth? Bangkok has it. The most incredible shopping scene? It’s here in Bangkok. Incredibly beautiful temples and a warm, friendly culture? Here again. An organic spa in Bangkok can be found, and so can a blissfully rejuvenating aromatic candle massage in Bangkok. And we have not even begun talking about the tantalizing cuisine of Thailand which as earned worldwide fame and has become recognized in the Michelin Guide.

VIE Spa by Organika

You simply have to look at the incredible number of tourist arrivals into Bangkok’s international airports in any given year. But pay attention to the most recent years and you will no doubt be astounded. The numbers continue to increase. With over 20 million arrivals last year and more project by the end of this current year, 2019, Bangkok has taken the top notch for the most traveled to city on the entire planet. That is telling us something important.

It is telling us that whatever it is you and your family really need in a vacation, whatever your dreams and desires are for quality time together, for the rest and the relaxation of a Bangkok luxury spa, for the exotic sights and experiences of a gorgeous and glittering golden temple, or the fun of the city’s world-famous nightlife, you can find it in this sprawling jewel of South East Asia, Bangkok.

And we really do mean “whatever you need, you can find it” when we are talking about Bangkok. The shopping in Bangkok is, to put it quite simply, out of this world! You can choose the kind of venue you feel most comfortable in or want to explore, or check out every kind. However you decide to handle the shopping paradise that is this city, you will have to face one hard reality before you leave: you just cannot get to them all! In Bangkok there are innumerable night markets, day markets, weekend markets, floating markets and shopping malls of every level from bargain to posh — and every kind of market in between.


Fortunately VIE Hotel Bangkok, with its location in the heart of the city’s commercial district and its adjacency to the BTS Skytrain, puts you right where you want to be if you are a shopping lover. The hotel is surrounded by the most famous shopping malls of Thailand and within an easy distance to other fascinating shopping centers, somewhat less famous but just as great for deals and products.
Of course, the great fortune of having VIE Spa on the premises makes it all the better because, let’s face it, a hard day of hitting the malls can be tiring. And nothing finishes off a wonderful day of shopping in this amazing city like some precious time in the best spa in Bangkok enjoying an aromatic candle massage in Bangkok or some other deeply restorative and rejuvenating treatment in this superb Bangkok luxury spa.

An increasing number of people, both travelers from abroad and expatriates who are working in the many companies which have an office based in Thailand’s capital, are coming realize what a wellness center Bangkok actually is—not only in South East Asia, or Asia in general, but also in the world. If you take all the most visited destinations on the planet, you are going to find that more people are looking for an organic spa in Bangkok than nearly anywhere else each year. This is because the best spa in Bangkok offers a high level of service and a wonderfully high quality of treatment. What was once the Secret Spa is now becoming famous and a coveted destination, and can now be found at VIE Hotel Bangkok in the very first collaboration by an MGallery Hotel in Asia.


This is the reason that every product used in the treatments here is made from all natural and organic ingredients. This is truly superb example of an organic spa in Bangkok and probably the most holistically caring for a Bangkok luxury spa.

A unique element of the treatments in VIE Spa is the strong emphasis place on aromatherapy as well. The healing secrets of scent are unlocked here, with wisdom that has been passed down through the centuries. An experience with their aromatic candle massage in Bangkok will send you to new, undiscovered havens of serenity, raising your bliss to new heights.

Of course what really makes the spa uniquely transcendent is the people involved in bringing the precious work of restoring the true balance of life. The staff and therapists are passionate about the core beliefs of VIE Spa and are genuinely interested in improving your well-being, overall health and your comfort. This is the most intangible element that makes VIE Spa the best spa in Bangkok. And yet, combined with all of the naturally nourishing ingredients, essential oils and the great range of Asian and Western, ancient and modern treatments available in the spa, which these attentive therapists have become so expert in, they are the most important. You will certainly find a visit here enjoyable, enlightening and tremendously blissful.

Located on the 10th floor of VIE Hotel Bangkok. This is where you will find natural and spiritual life celebrated.


Opening Hours:

Mondays – Fridays: 10 AM – 8 PM | Saturdays – Sundays: 10 AM – 10 PM



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