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Last Minute Booking

With all the things we are called upon to do and all the errands we so often have to run in this busy modern age, it is almost a wonder we can anything done or make any appointment on time. And truthfully, we are usually a few minutes late to most meetings. To say this happens more often than not in Bangkok would also be accurate, and we all know why. The traffic, the fast pace and excitement of every day are what makes this city of the most intriguing places in the world to live in or just to visit for a few days, a week, a month or however long you like.


But when it comes does to it, once all the other necessary tasks are performed, with our usual finesse, there is sometimes just enough time left to make a last minute booking for one of our favorite dining venues in the whole of the city. Of course we are talking about YTSB – Yellow Tail Sushi Bar.


If a last minute booking is what it takes to enjoy the premium sushi and fantastic dishes made by our expert chef of Japanese cuisine, that that is just what needs to be done, no question about it. The daily changing Omakase service of YTSB seems designed to accommodate the busy lives we lead, but also to reward us for our efforts in achieving a last minute booking at the best sushi restaurant in town.


The Omakase menu actually showcases the very best of the chef’s talents and brings his own creative culinary orchestration to your table. His whim, his innovative flair and years of experience and training bring out the most exquisite combinations.

You will definitely be glad you made that last minute booking, and you will plan on making another booking, last minute or otherwise, as soon as possible.


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