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In the modern world of today’s discerning traveller, you have to wonder how many experiences are specifically designed for the pleasure of the palate, and how many truly achieve the aim of offering fine dining Bangkok. We have every manner of every form of gastronomy in a city as vast as Thailand’s capital and, at times, it almost seems as if literally gorgeous dishes are waiting for you at every corner. Nonetheless, sifting through the good in search of the perfect is the joy of the true gourmand.

Among all the options for fine dining Bangkok, there is one venue that has begun to stand out from the rest, leaving its guests will a feeling of deep satisfaction and the particular kind of happiness that comes from trying something new, and finding it an outright success. When we discuss La VIE Bistronomy, enchantingly embedded in VIE Hotel Bangkok, MGallery Hotel Collection at the BTS Ratchathewi station, we are talking about a restaurant, surely, but also what is meant by a rich culinary experience.


Devoted as much to innovation as to high quality, at La VIE Bistronomy the chefs are determined to make every dish served a work of art that will long be remembered as the apex of fine dining Bangkok.  Not stopping there, the restaurant also hosts visiting Michelin-starred chefs throughout the year, these gastronomical masters display their world-acclaimed talents are prepare exclusive feasts during their stays.

Besides its great location and exquisite menu, this gem of fine dining in Bangkok, La VIE, is also notable for its romantic atmosphere.

On the hotel’s 11 floor, it offers guests a charming view of the surrounding cityscape of downtown Bangkok, yet set back from the road in relaxing repose. The décor is both stylish and cosy, and would be an ideal setting for a sweet evening with your beloved or a business lunch made to impress.


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VIE Hotel Bangkok MGallery Hotel Collection

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