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Best Sushi in Bangkok

One of the most essential elements of fine Japanese cuisine, no matter where in the world you are, is that it simply must be fresh. In fact, the fresher, the better. We would like to see that fish imported live from Japan, if possible, without being frozen and kept on a freezer shelf for weeks. We would like to enjoy the authentic ingredients from the islands of Japan, specially sourced from the markets of Tokyo, and no imitations from any other country will do. Yes, this is a sample of what we expect from a restaurant which serves the best sushi in Bangkok.


These are the kinds of pleasures that the customers have come to expect at YTSB – Yellow Tail Sushi Bar, which is conveniently located in the front tower of VIE Hotel Bangkok, nearest the road and easily spotted from the BTS Skytrain.


Now there have been many times, due to some of these enjoyments mentioned above, that Yellow Tail Sushi Bar has been called the best sushi in Bangkok, but there are even a few more reasons as well.


A chef who is qualified and possessed the kind of in-depth experience needed to master the subtle arts of Japanese cuisine is an ingredient to this perfect restaurant. This is what YTSB has. You see, because Japanese cuisine really is an art, it requires training and discipline. To create the best sushi in Bangkok, which we are here describing, there are strict standards that must be achieved, or even excelled if humanly possible. Failure in any form is not acceptable. Therefore, to become a master of it, just as the chef of YTSB is, requires a lifetime of study. It is a passion that never abates. It is an inspired skill that continually demands more perfection.


Your palate will tell you exactly how much perfection has already been achieved with the best sushi in Bangkok. The sushi portions at YTSB are extra large as well.


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