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Best French Restaurant in Bangkok

The French restaurant at the VIE Hotel Bangkok

There are many French restaurants with a diverse range of tastes and budgets in Bangkok, but where are the best, including options like the best French restaurant in Bangkok? Signature Bangkok at the VIE Hotel Bangkok is definitely one of the best. Located on the 11th floor of the VIE Hotel Bangkok, Signature Bangkok stands out as one of the most perfect places to dine on authentic French cuisine while admiring the spectacular views of Bangkok. Being a 1-star Michelin restaurant, Signature Bangkok and its chefs, former 2-Michelin star Chef Thierry and his team, offer unique tastes in floral cuisine concepts.

If you are up for exceptional elegance decorated with edible flowers and herbs, you do not want to miss a meal at Signature Bangkok, the best French restaurant in Bangkok. Come try out floral scrumptiousness and the art of nature served in dishes, which are only available at the Signature Bangkok.

A good French restaurant can be hard to find, and not many parking spots are often available. Dining in a French restaurant in a hotel can be a good choice.

Authentic French cuisine by VIE Hotel

The VIE Hotel Bangkok, a boutique hotel Bangkok, situated on Phaya Thai Road, is within walking distance of the Ratchathewi BTS Station and the Airport Rail Link. The prime location allows visitors to easily navigate the city and commute between their desired destinations and the hotel. The luxury hotel is not only famous for its superior facilities and decorations but also for its excellent service and well-known authentic French restaurant, Signature Bangkok.

The French restaurant at the VIE Hotel Bangkok offers you an exclusive experience to indulge in relaxing ambience and ambrosial dishes. The highlights of “floral cuisine” are extended from Chef Thierry’s acclaimed “Cuisine of the Soil” philosophy. Chef Thierry believes in the art of nature and the beauty that lies within; hence, Signature Bangkok’s menu is specifically designed to offer visitors a narrative about “A Journey of Discovery”. Each ingredient has its own meaning and taste. Each floral decoration has its own purpose. With a jus-based approach, a natural method to improve the flavour of meat by presenting it with the provided light gravy, and edible flowers and herbs, Signature Bangkok offers expressive French cuisine, both in terms of art and taste. All of the aforementioned reasons make Signature Bangkok perfect for every occasion.

There are many French restaurants with a diverse range of tastes and budgets in Bangkok, but where are the best?

How to dine in at Signature Bangkok, French restaurant

Decorated in Art Deco style, Signature Bangkok has an outstanding ambience that makes visitors feel relaxed from the first step. The decorations are elegant. The services are also exceptional. With these factors combined, Signature Bangkok is known for being one of the most popular French restaurants in Bangkok. The restaurant is a great choice for those who want to maintain a healthy diet, since its specialty lies in the art of edible flowers and herbs.

Furthermore, the restaurant gets positive reviews on travel and food recommendation websites. Previous customers were impressed with the beautiful floral cuisine, elegant environment, and friendly service. Some said that the dishes are sophisticated and unique, making the dinner one of the most memorable with the unique French-innovative cuisine. The 5-star reviews by customers prove that Signature Bangkok has been consistent in its excellent quality and service. Guaranteed by a Michelin star and customers’ reviews, Signature Bangkok is one of the most perfect places to spend a lovely night and have an unforgettable memory.

To dine at Signature Bangkok, a 1-Michelin-Star French restaurant, it is advised that you make a reservation beforehand. Check out the times of services and other details before booking a table. The restaurant offers contemporary and healthy French cuisine, with vegan options included.

Time of services, reservations, and accommodations.

– Signature Bangkok opens Tuesday-Sunday, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. (last order 8 p.m.)

Service is limited to 30 guests per evening, and reservations are required. If you want to reserve for a group of six people or more, please book in advance so the restaurant can provide the private dining room for you.

Regarding corkage, visitors can bring a bottle and purchase one from the restaurant. Bring two bottles and purchase two bottles from the restaurant, etc.

For the dress code, visitors are free to dress smartly and stylishly. (No singlets, shorts, or sandals.)


Signature Bangkok has proven that it is one of the best authentic French restaurants in Bangkok with its positive reviews throughout the year and Michelin star. Chef Thierry Drapeau, an executive chef at the restaurant, awaits you on a new journey to discover the beauty of nature. The French dishes served here are expressive and light, for they are mixtures of inspiring Thai flowers and herbs and Chef Thierry’s art of French cooking. The unique tastes with a story of nature and its subtle beauty are ready to serve, making you indulge in exceptional experiences that can be found only at Signature Bangkok.


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