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Why Bangkok is the Best Place for Spa

Why Bangkok, Thailand, is so Popular a Spa Destination


Every year millions of tourists flock to Thailand, making Bangkok the number one visited city in the world. Anyone taking a look at the numbers would want to ask themselves what makes Thailand, and the country’s capital, Bangkok, so extremely popular among global travelers. Certainly it has to do with the wide range of attractions and the appeal which they have for so many people from many different countries.


The glorious and gold-covered temples of the city are high on the lists of many. Others, however, crave the enormous variety of shopping venues to be explored in the city, from vast and glitzy malls to buzzing and vibrant night markets. The nightlife of the Bangkok city scape is also famous for its excitement and nonstop fun, whether you prefer the wildness of the red light zones or the incredible array of high-end clubs, rooftop bars and trendy clubs that Bangkok has to offer. And of course the dining possibilities in the city are not only celebrated worldwide, they are seemingly endless and extraordinarily delectable.


Another distinct pleasure, which is interwoven with the culture of Thailand, is the Thai massage spa. The benefits of Thai massage have become well known, from traditional stretching to aroma massage, and the Thai massage spa is another very important reason for the amazing popularity of Thailand, and looking for the best spa in Bangkok. It’s a great place to spa and to seek wellness!



Bangkok Chinatown  Bangkok Chinatown


The History of Thai Massage


If you ask anyone to name some of the wonderful things they love about Thailand, you can bet that the Thai massage spa will be mentioned among them. They may even be delighted to tell you where they believe the best spa in Bangkok is located so you, too, can experience the benefits of Thai massage there. It is possible that VIE Spa by ORGANIKA will come up in this conversation as well. But it is fascinating to understand the history of Thai massage in context and how it has come to such a blissful development as you find nowadays in the best spa in Bangkok.


The origins of the practice of massage in Thailand date far back into ancient Siam. While massage in some form or other had been a part of local culture, the courtly practice incorporated techniques from the Ayurvedic therapies that came over with Hinduism thousands of years ago. This inundated society over time and produced an intriguing and healthful blend of Thai and Ayurvedic methods of massage, which are observed and perfected in the best spa in Bangkok, located at VIE Hotel Bangkok, and are seriously studied there, and even develop into specialties such as in aroma massage.



The Benefits of Thai Massage


Incorporating as it does the best of ancient Ayurvedic techniques and blending them with local massage tradition, the benefits of Thai massage are numerous. In a Thai massage spa, you will experience a pleasant atmosphere designed to relax you. If you have opted for a traditional Thai massage, be prepared for a somewhat vigorous but also extremely rejuvenating treatment.


The traditional Thai massage comprises strong stretching of the limbs of the body and the back in order restore the flow of energy. The concept of Chakra, lines of energy which flow along routes within the body, are essential to the theory of Thai massage. It is only by clearing them, it is believed, that you can attain a more mentally rested and spiritually tranquil condition, as well becoming more physically flexible and fit. Pressure points along these lines of Chakra energy are also pressed, to free and liberate the energy of the body.


At the best spa in Bangkok you will find the traditional techniques, as described above, are given much attention. A professional massage at VIE Hotel Bangkok is an experience that will make you feel as if you have been given a brand new spirit with a positive and highly encouraged outlook, with which to conquer the day in joy and bliss.



Bangkok ChinatownBangkok Chinatown  Bangkok Chinatown





If you have decided that you need to experience a real Thai massage then coming to the best spa in Bangkok for your treatment is by far the most healthful choice. You do not want to miss any of the positive and healthy benefits and you do want to introduce your body and your spirit to effective and long lasting wellness. You also want to discover a route and way of life that will help you to achieve and maintain this sense of healthy confidence and wellness for the rest of your life.


At VIE Spa by ORGANIKA the very environs have been specially furbished to promote feelings of happiness and a positive outlook on life. At the same time there is an air of tranquility. Simply walking in, as you take the lift up through VIE Hotel Bangkok, you can sense that you are in for a life changing experience.


All of the ingredients used at VIE Spa by ORGANIKA are 100% natural and totally organic. The philosophy behind the menu of treatments is that nature has the power to heal us, particularly in the bustling and stressful modern urban world.


Another aspect of treatments here is that a strong emphasis is put on aroma massage and aromatherapy, with the understanding that this is a way to our deepest feelings and a route to unlocking deep levels of relaxation. The signature Ear Candle Aromatherapy has been described as the most relaxing treatment available in Thailand.


And since wellness is so key to the experience of a visit to Thailand, this is a good reason to try it.




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