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How to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Bangkok

When love is truly in the air, you know you are in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Definitely one of the most romantic cities in the world, you can find so many enchanting spots to treat your Valentine in Bangkok that those sweet feelings will feel like they never stop.


In this enormous metropolis with a skyline that glitters like a new spiral of the Milky Way, the night life is virtually unending. This profusion of fun and exciting things to do and places to go offers a completely thrilling and totally full menu of options for celebrating with your Valentine in Bangkok. You have to make some difficult but beautiful choices, whether you are up to a rooftop bar, would like to treat your sweetheart to a Chao Phraya river cruise dinner, or enjoy any kind of a Bangkok romantic restaurant, and chase it with a smooth and delightful Bangkok piano bar in which to woo your lover’s heart.


A romantic dinner with your loved one


Finding the right Bangkok romantic restaurant in which to surprise your true love with a splendid meal of gourmet dishes is one of the most wonderful and wisest choices to make in this marvelous city—and one sure to make the make the heart strings sing songs of romance. An elegant and yet warm and welcoming venue, with vibrant colors and soothing bronze touches, with personable and friendly services like La VIE Bistronomy in VIE Hotel Bangkok is so very well known for, is the right decision. When a hotel restaurant of this quality and a casual gourmet style and menu is talked up among gourmands and travelers all over the internet, you can count on enjoying a Bangkok romantic restaurant providing you both with a memorable and sweet experience.


How this is done is through an ingenious combination of atmosphere plus a really excellent cuisine, besides knowledgeable staff who really care about you having the most perfect time possible with your beloved on this special evening. It becomes obvious the moment you step out of the elevator onto the plush 11th floor. The elegance of the open corridor and its gold accented carpeting as it leads deep into the newly renovated venue is almost breathtaking. The restaurant’s special cuisine relies heavily on fresh and natural ingredients that emphasize healthfulness as well as incredible flavor.

VIE Hotel Bangkok-Pool

But there are many other fantastic reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the City of Angels. A very good motivation for sharing this special evening with your sweetheart in Bangkok is being able to look forward to the gorgeous views available to you from so many vantage points around this beautiful city.


Even your average rooftop bar, such as VIE Pool on the top of the front tower of VIE Hotel Bangkok will grant you glittering visions of a skyline that fills the night with romance.


Chaopraya River Cruise Dinner


However, you and your darling also have the chance to get right into the view, like climbing into a beautiful painting. You can take an amazing Chao Phraya river cruise dinner trip and see all of the color and visions close up as you go upstream along the River of Kings. Depending on which tour company or vessel you choose, the menu will be traditional Thai fare or an international buffet, perhaps even with live music if a large boat — though smaller, converted rice barges are also available, offering charming and rustic experience as you move up through the river’s current during the evening.



Enjoying a Chao Phraya river cruise dinner, whichever one you choose, always offers the other beautiful benefit of views you simply will never forget. This is especially true since you are sharing them together on a wonderful Valentine’s Day evening in this incredible city.


The views of the fabulous temples will amaze you both as you cruise by. Continually celebrated in travel articles in the most respected travel magazines in the world, and nowadays in a good many websites for affluent travelers, the first vision of the gorgeous Wat Arun (called the Temple of Dawn) is really something. Constructed with a façade of white marble and the colorful embedding of Chinese ceramics, it is certainly fascinated. But the really pleasure to the eyes comes from its tall golden tipped spires jutting high into the night sky. They are illuminated and otherworldly, and prove an inimitably romantic vision during your journey up the river on a Chao Phraya river cruise dinner.


Have some sip in the skybar or Intimate bar


For a cozier experience, which is often desired for the special intimacy lovers appreciated on such a precious evening, another good choice is a Bangkok piano bar. You will want to bring your dearest inside, charmed by the lovely tinkling of the keys and delicious signature drinks. The modern and elegant surrounds of the Piano Bar in VIE offers just the right touches of every comfort you crave, to make you both fall in love all over again.




A Bangkok piano bar can be even better, in many lovers’ opinions, when it is situated high on the roof of a hotel overlooking the great sprawling city of Bangkok. A kind of sky bar, such as you get when you go up to the top of the State Tower located at the end of Silom Road, near the Chao Phraya River, is a very popular way to treat your Valentine in Bangkok. The rooftop bar at Banyan Tree is also highly acclaimed as well as being a luxurious experience.


That said, it is certainly not impossible to bring some of these wonderful elements together. Rather than having to select just one thing to do together on Valentine’s Day, and wonder whether you both really made the absolute choice this year or not, you can enjoy several aspects of romance close together in Bangkok.


Experience a luxurious spa



When you spend your Valentine’s Day at the delightful VIE Hotel Bangkok you realize this is where you can bring your romantic visions together. And you can easily plan on that and know that a night of love is guaranteed, just as every Valentine’s Day evening ought to be for those truly in love. Because of how absolutely convenient it is to travel to the hotel, the night is made even better. A luxurious getaway in the heart of Bangkok, VIE is located in the center of the city’s commercial district and the most famous shopping malls of Thailand stand around it in all their glitz and glamor. Moreover, the hotel is really just about two full minutes’ walk, or less, from one of the very handy BTS Skytrain stations. So if you are coming or going from the hotel, it can be done in a very short time—leaving the rest of the evening for romance and enjoyment.


Start your evening with a delectable dinner at La VIE Bistronomy on the 11th floor. A sumptuous meal complemented by a fine wine is just what the evening calls for. Then move up to the rooftop VIE Pool for a few drinks and a night with the stars over this romantic city.




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