5 Must-visit temples in Bangkok

5 Must-visit temples in Bangkok

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The amazing and exciting city of Bangkok is so multi-faceted as to almost elude definition. Granted, its great size and large population have something significant to do with all the variety of aspects that make up this vast metropolis. However, beyond all that, the culture of the Thais and the curious way the capital of Thailand has grown and developed also has much to do with the fantastic urban spectacle of Bangkok, City of Angels, that we know and love today.


But how much do we know? To be sure, this is a city with many identities. Traditionally the area of the city was the site of the founding of two capitals of the Thais during the latter part of the 18th century. The first was Thonburi, on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. A couple of decades after this, the Rattanakosin capital was established on the east side of the river, this being a more strategic situation. It should be remembered that these capitals were founded after the plunder and destruction of the previous kingdom of Ayutthaya, by the Burmese, north of the Bangkok area.


The Rattanakosin area is still extant of course, though the city of Bangkok has grown up around it, forming a Bangkok Old Town amidst the modernization of more recent decades. Naturally in this part of the city you will still find palaces and old administrative buildings as well as some of the first temples in Bangkok. Do be aware, though, while visiting them that there is a Bangkok temples dress code which does not allow short pants or skirts or open back sandals.


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But of course the question of how many temples in Bangkok are able to be visited during your trip is not the only thing to answer in this incredible metropolis!  You are also going to come across several other salient symbols of why more than 20 million people a year book flights for a vacation in Thailand’s marvelous capital.


Besides the Bangkok Old Town, the Bangkok Buddhist temples, and all of the interesting history and culture it represents, you will also find numerous examples of the favorite pastime of both locals and international visitors. Of course we are talking about the shopping malls!


Without a doubt, the capital of Thailand is a shopaholic’s dream come true. You are going to discover some of the most famous shopping centers in Asia here in Bangkok, such as Paragon, MBK Centre, Siam Discovery, CentralWorld and the newer Central Embassy. Most of this are quite near the Siam district, where the central station for the BTS Skytrain is located and where, conveniently, VIE Hotel Bangkok is also situated. There are not as many temples in Bangkok in this area but it is brimming with activity and everything the heart of the true shopping lover desires!


This is not, however, to leave out the numerous night markets of the city, which are also a lot of fun. These open-air extravaganzas generally offer great selections of trendy clothing, souvenirs and antiques, as well as useful household items. They also most often host cool little places to eat. Some of the most popular of these are the enormous Chatuchak Weekend Market, Patpong Night Market and the Ratchada Train Market. Fortunately, the first two are right off BTS Skytrain stations and the last one is right off an MRT Subway station — all easily accessible from your hotel if you stay at VIE Hotel Bangkok!


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And so is Bangkok’s ultra-famous nightlife! Or should we say infamous? While Bangkok has a long held reputation for being a major sin city in the world, with all kinds of naughty fun abounding for tourists and even more for locals, the truth is that much of city has been rather cleaned up in recent years. Certainly, you can still get your kicks in major red light districts such as Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy, or along the strip of gigantic massage parlors up Rachada Avenue. But the city is not as wild as it once was.


That said, what has emerged more are stylish clubs and rooftops bars and nightclubs that any adult could enjoy. And in this way you could certainly say that Bangkok has definitely not lost its place as the nightlife king of South East Asia.


Moreover, there is one more thing that attracts everyone in this city. That is the delectable cuisine. While practically every cuisine in the world is to be found here, the Thai food is simply astonishingly delicious. What people love is particularly the now world-famous Thai street food.


This is something you can get from stalls lined up wherever the streets are busy with foot traffic, and particularly at night. The varieties of dishes and their strong tastes and alluring aromas has garnered the respect of gourmands around the globe. The only unfortunate thing is there is no way you can reasonable try the dishes of every street chef in the city! However, luckily, a Culture Trip tour has pulled together about 20 attractions, including lots of Thai street food, which will get you where you need to go — gastronomically!


And food breaks are something you are definitely going to need while roaming between shopping malls and all the gorgeous Bangkok Buddhist temples, just wondering how many temples in Bangkok there are, from the Bangkok Old Town to the newer parts of the city!


The fascinating culture of Thailand makes visiting the temples in Bangkok one of the necessities of a holiday here. So, to that end, we have compiled a little list of the definitely must-visit temples in Bangkok for you, all in Bangkok Old Town:

Wat Phra Kaew, Temple of the Emerald Buddha


Regarded as the most sacred of all the Bangkok Buddhist temples, it is located within the grounds of the Grand Palace which served as the monarchy’s residence until the 1920s. A gleaming spectacle of giant gold-leaf covered pagodas, within the chapel area is a large elevated jade Buddha which is so sacred that only the king of Thailand is allowed to touch it.


Wat Pho, Temple of the Reclining Buddha


Second in line and nearby, this large temple houses an enormous Reclining Buddha image covered in gold. The temple is also home to a respected traditional Thai massage school. Nonetheless, do not forget the Bangkok temples dress code while visiting.


Wat Arun, Temple of Dawn


You will see Wat Arun’s beautiful glimmering spirals on the west bank of the river long before you get there. Unique, with colorful Chinese ceramics imbedded in its pristine white exterior, it is also extremely beautiful at night when the spirals are lit up with golden light.


Wat Saket, The Golden Mount


Also in Bangkok Old Town and commanding nearly the only hill in the city, this is an interesting temple to climb up to and have a look at the city from. It is one of the oldest in Bangkok.


Conveniently located in the commercial district and next to the BTS Ratchathewi station, staying at VIE Hotel Bangkok can get you to all these places easily, including how many temples in Bangkok there are!


While visiting the temples in Bangkok, do be mindful of the Bangkok temples dress code. We can advise you on that if you are unsure.


Our Concierge can also advise you on the best ways to travel in the city and organize any number of tours for you while you stay at this marvelous haven of modern and elegant luxury.


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