The best hop on hop off Bangkok Tour (Bus, Boat and Tuk-Tuk)

The best hop on hop off Bangkok Tour (Bus, Boat and Tuk-Tuk)

tuk-tuks are the most popular choices of transportation in Bangkok

Hop on, hop off is a great choice of sightseeing that visitors can easily manage to customize their itinerary. In Bangkok, buses, boats, and tuk-tuks are the most popular choices of transportation to explore the city. Visitors can combine the means of a one-day trip in Bangkok to make the journey more exciting. You can hop on and hop off at your own pace, exploring each stop as you wish. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of this all-in-one tour to make the most of your Bangkok adventure!

Why Hop On Hop Off Service Is a Convenient Choice

Bangkok’s city plan is actually complex and can be confusing with its alleys and dead ends; hence, visitors who are not familiar with the city easily get lost. The public transportation systems, the BTS Skytrain and the MRT System, are intertwined and can be hard to navigate at first. On the other hand, hop-on, hop-off service is a convenient choice for several reasons, making visitors’ journeys easier and more convenient.

Here’s a list of reasons why the hop-on hop-off service is a convenient choice:


Passengers can explore attractions at their own pace, hopping off and on the tour buses as they wish.

Efficient Route:

The tour follows well-planned routes covering major landmarks, optimizing sightseeing time.

No Fixed Schedules:

Travelers are not bound by rigid schedules, providing freedom to plan their own itinerary.

Informative Commentary:

Onboard commentary offers valuable insights about the places visited, enhancing the sightseeing experience.

Avoid Navigation Hassles:

Eliminates the need to navigate public transportation or drive, making sightseeing stress-free.

Comprehensive Sightseeing:

Covers top attractions and points of interest, ensuring a thorough city exploration.


Offers an all-in-one solution for tourists to see the best of a city hassle-free.

Hop On Hop Off Services Available in Bangkok

Are you looking for what hop-on, hop-off services are available in Bangkok? We’ve provided you with information below. It is noted that our recommendations mostly focus on Bangkok and the popular landmarks.

Siam Hop is a bus tour with popular stops

Siam Hop

 Siam Hop is a bus tour with popular stops: the Flower Market, Chatuchak Market, China Town, Golden Mount, National Museum, and the Grand Palace. There are three types of tickets categorized into hours: 24, 48. and 72 hours for the tour. Another perk of Siam Hop is that it offers a double-decker bus with audio commentary on board in seven different languages, English included. Siam Hop is highly recommended for foreign visitors looking for a tour that covers all popular landmarks in one go.

Giant City Tour

Giant City Tour is a bus tour with three tickets available for you to choose from, ranging from 24, 48, and 72 hours. The highlight of the Giant City Tour is that you can get on and off at 15 stops across one distinct route, allowing you to adjust your schedule to your convenience. There are buses running every 40–50 minutes, so you have time to explore the area before hopping on again. The popular stops in this tour include the Marble Temple, Giant Swing, Khao San Road, Wat Pho, and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The Giant City Tour is tourist-friendly since visitors will get complimentary headphones and a free map once onboard. A GPS-based audio commentary in foreign languages (English, German, French, and Chinese) is also included.

Chao Phraya River Bangkok offers you a sightseeing service across Bangkok on a boat with unlimited hop-on-hop-off within one day

Chao Phraya River Bangkok

Hop-on, hop-off services are not limited to only buses. Chao Phraya River Bangkok offers you a sightseeing service across Bangkok on a boat with unlimited hop-on-hop-off within one day. A boat departs every 30 minutes and stops at nine distinct piers, allowing visitors to explore the area and adjust their schedule. The highlight of this tour is that tickets are valid after purchase for 90 days. All boats have facilities such as free Wi-Fi, toilets, and life jackets. The CCTV cameras and open-air decks are also included. Visitors can also choose to travel at their own pace or explore the city with a professional guide.

Tuk-Tuk tours

Tuk-Tuk tours are often more private than buses or boats, allowing visitors to freely adjust their itinerary. Traveling with a tuk-tuk has been popular, especially with foreign tourists. The sightseeing plan and the landmarks solely depend on visitors. Some tuk-tuk tours have a professional English-speaking guide, whereas others do not. The details vary depending on which kind of tuk-tuk tour you want to enjoy. There are Bangkok night tours by tuk-tuk, which mainly focus on the joy of exploring the city at night and getting to know the famous street food, which comes to life after sunset. There’s a private tuk-tuk tour for you to customize to your liking as well. It is recommended that you check out the details and make sure what kind of tuk-tuk tour you want to experience, so you will not get disappointed afterward.


Exploring Bangkok takes careful planning to make the most of the limited time. Hop-on, hop-off services are flexible and convenient, allowing visitors to freely change the itinerary and adjust their schedule. Another benefit is that if you want to call it a day early, you can stop at any time. And if you’re still looking for a place to stay while exploring the city, we recommend the VIE Hotel Bangkok. The boutique hotel bangkok is known for its exceptional service and extraordinary accommodations. Located near the Phaya Thai BTS station and the Airport Rail Link, the VIE Hotel Bangkok offers you a good night’s sleep and the best starting point to commute around the city. You can rest here while working out the details of your next adventure.


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  • the-best-hop-on-hop-off-bangkok-tour-bus-boat-and-tuk-tuk
  • the-best-hop-on-hop-off-bangkok-tour-bus-boat-and-tuk-tuk


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