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Erawan Shrine in Bangkok

Bangkok is a collage of fascinating cultures, technologies and traditions. Exploring the capital of Thaland, which some perhaps accurately call “the most exciting city in the world”, is an experience of continual and surprising sensory stimulation. You never know what incredible sight is around the next corner and any minute could offer another extreme, yet always punctuated by the famously warm smiles of the Thai.


The Erawan Shrine in Bangkok is Brahman rather than exactly Buddhist, which is accordance with the multiplicity of the religion of Thailand.



Where else could you encounter, right in the center a major city’s business district, surrounded by modern highrises and circled by an elevated train, Bangkok’s BTS Skytrain, crowds in prayer and supplication at one of the city’s most revered sites, the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok.



Erected in the 1950s, along with the Erawan Hotel, the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok is Brahman rather than exactly Buddhist, which is accordance with the multiplicity of the religion of Thailand. The result of deep consultation with the most respected astrologers of the time, a magnificent gilded image of the four-faced Brahma God, known as Than Tao Mahaprom in Thai, was specially constructed and cast for the shrine. Today, being in the heart of the city’s central business district and renowned for its beauty and atmosphere, the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok actually attracts even more visitors that some of the temples in the city.


Entering the fenced area of the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, you can see various offerings, such as fruits and beautiful flower garlands placed before the image Brahma. Cash contributions are also accepted and managed by a foundation for charitable organizations and needy hospitals. Crowds of people are moving in and out all day and evening. Many of them will be holding sticks of incense, standing around the shrine while praying. And once in a while, a row of traditionally garbed classical Thai dancers begin an entrancing dance in honor of the shrine, which is definintely one of the memorable moments of this exotic city.

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