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Erawan Shrine in Bangkok

You name it, Bangkok has it. If there is anywhere in the world where you can see and experience the widest variety of things that will amaze and delight you, that is definitely the city of Bangkok, capital of Thailand. This year the sprawling and energetic South East Asian city is bound to once again make the mark for the city most visited by foreign tourists — in the world! And this is not the first year that Bangkok has made this achievement.


The fact is that when you count the nonstop and famous (or perhaps “infamous” depending on your tastes) nightlife of the city, the uncountable and various shopping areas in Bangkok and the gorgeously gilded temples in Bangkok, not to mention the fantastic restaurants of every kind of cuisine your palate hungers for — and particularly the widely known and celebrated Thai street food, which assaults you with extreme and delicious tastes and flavors—this dynamic city almost seems like it offers an unending supply of things to see and do. That is not far from the truth at all.


The enormous variety of fun and intriguing activities awaiting you in Bangkok is probably best dealt with via some kind of plan for your time in Bangkok. While you are in the city, a flexible schedule, taking time for the vicissitudes of unpredictably heavy traffic jams of course, will help out your desire to see the most and the best of what the city has to offer.


But first of all, to facilitate your sightseeing in the City of Angels, booking a room in a Bangkok hotel near BTS Skytrain is a wise move and a must for getting around the city. You will certainly want to avoid the notorious traffic congestion whenever possible during your trip, particularly if your stay is limited to only a few days of thrills and wonderment in Thailand’s incredible capital.


This Bangkok hotel near BTS Skytrain should be in Central Bangkok for faster traveling times. VIE Hotel Bangkok is an excellent choice as its location is actually just a few minutes’ walk from one of the BTS Skytrain stations, called Ratchathewi station, which is right in Central Bangkok. This kind of proximity to a rapid public transit system will ensure that you are able to spend even more of your precious holiday time at the temples in Bangkok or in the shopping areas in Bangkok, and so on, all of which will come to appreciate and possibly even adore. There is no other city like Bangkok in the whole wide world.


The top experiences in Bangkok simply cannot be understated.


The most famous shopping areas in Bangkok will definitely blow your mind whether you are a true shopaholic or not! Shopping malls like the glitzy high-end Paragon or Central Embassy mall are not only vast multi-floored extravaganzas offering a wide range of the trendy and fashionable international name brands people desire everywhere; they also offer a cinema and a huge selection of good restaurants and many other interesting sights as well. For example, beneath Paragon you can discover the intriguing Bangkok Sea Life, a vast aquarium which is a tourist destination all on its own!


Just as famous are more bargain oriented malls such as the, again, huge MBK Center, a short distance from the others, in the Siam area of Bangkok, all easily accessible by BTS Skytrain.


Of course more traditional experiences, even in the bustling city of Bangkok, are also just as readily available. A favorite destination is one of the exciting night markets which have grown up here and there around the city. The largest, and perhaps even the biggest in Asia, is the Chatuchak Weekend Market (open day and night, to be clear), also known as JJ Market due to its spelling in the Thai alphabet, a subject in itself which you should be able to navigate with a little familiarity. Chatuchak market is located just off the Mochit BTS Skytrain station. And as they say, if you can’t find it at Chatuchak, it probably doesn’t exist!


However, there are a couple of great night markets which are also located in Central Bangkok as well. You will find that the Rachada Train Market has all you could wish for in terms of the hip and retro type styles. It also has some cool and delicious restaurants and pubs, a few of which blast out some pretty loud and live music if that is your thing. The Rachada Train Market is located just behind the Esplanade Shopping Mall at the Thai Cultural Center MRT Subway station. The subway is connected to the BTS Skytrain at Asoke station.


For more adventure in your nightlife, you can also try the Patpong Night Market. Yes, you read that right. The once infamous red light district in Bangkok has toned done quite a bit from the old days and now has a night market running through the center of it. Some go-go bars and other nightspots still exist around it, of course, but not obtrusively, if you can imagine that! This market specializes in handbags, watches and other accessories. It is just a short walk from the Saladaeng BTS Skytrain station.


We must not leave out the floating markets, though, for another traditional experience of Thai culture. Browse along the banks or buy your goods from venders passing in little boats. Take a boat ride yourself! It’s all very photogenic. Although a bit far from Central Bangkok, you can still visit them at Taling Chan or the large Damnoen Saduak Floating market. Some people actually go out of the city to the Amphawa Floating Market which is more local and less touristy.


Temples in Bangkok are the other, and even perhaps the greatest, attraction in the capital of Thailand. You will definitely want to see the most famous temples in Bangkok during your stay. The trip would seem almost wasted if you haven’t seen at least one of these amazing structures.



Wat Pho, the Temple of the Sleeping Buddha, is named for its huge sculpture and also has a famous traditional massage school on the premises. Wat Phra Kaew, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, is the most sacred of these and the gleaming golden chedi (pagoda) in the grounds is an incredible sight. Wat Arun, Temple of Dawn, is another favorite. Perhaps best seen along the Chao Phraya River, its gleaming white spires are truly beautiful.


Another special and sacred spot that shouldn’t be missed is the famous Erawan Shrine in Bangkok. It is situated right in downtown amidst skyscrapers and luxury hotels. Both international tourists and locals flock to the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok to pray and to watch the Thai traditional dancers who perform beside it.


The shrine itself is a very revered image of Brahma, the Hindu deity. First constructed in 1956, the image and shrine have undergone vandalism and even terrorism. Nonetheless, the Erawan Shine in Bangkok as remained one of the favorite holy places in the entire city to pray at. Naturally, being in the Central Business District, it is popular among the office workers employed nearby. However, it is beloved and deeply revered by all Thais.


A Bangkok hotel near BTS can take you right to it, and this is why it is important to book at VIE Hotel Bangkok for your stay in the city. VIE Hotel Bangkok provides you with a great location, delicious dining, sumptuous modern and elegant accommodations, and fabulous facilities at its new spa. In fact, much of the hotel has just undergone a marvelous renovation. It really looks, and feels, splendid.


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