7 Bangkok's Best Bars for a Unique Experience

7 Bangkok's Best Bars for a Unique Experience

Are you ready to begin this wonderful night in Bangkok? Check out our 7 best bars Bangkok

One of the best ways to have a pleasant night is to visit a bar, which could be part of things to do in Bangkok this weekend. Bangkok hosts diverse bars for you to choose from. If you are a person who likes sipping a good cocktail and dwelling in peaceful serenity, visiting a bar is a good choice. A trip to Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, can be made successful depending on various factors, and memorable good nights are definitely one of them. In this article, we have provided you with the best bars in Bangkok that are worth checking out.

Bangkok Bars & Bistro

Bars & Bistro in Bangkok offers unique experiences, a relaxed environment where you can enjoy good food and drinks. They usually combine the characteristics between bars and bistro together, so you might find types of menus vary. Here are what they generally serve in Bars & Bistro:

International Cuisine:

Many Bars and Bistros in Bangkok offer a diverse range of international cuisines, such as Italian, French, American, Mexican, Japanese, and more. You might find dishes like burgers, pizzas, pastas, salads, and sushi.

Local Thai Flavors:

Some Bars and Bistros might also incorporate local Thai flavors into their menus, offering Thai-inspired dishes with a modern twist.

Small Plates and Sharing Platters:

Bistros often have a selection of small plates or tapas-style dishes that are perfect for sharing. These can include items like bruschetta, sliders, cheese platters, and more.

Cocktails and Drinks:

The “bar” aspect of Bars and Bistros means you can expect a variety of alcoholic beverages, including cocktails, beers, wines, and spirits. Some places might have a specialty cocktail menu with creative concoctions.

Casual Atmosphere:

The ambiance at Bars and Bistros is typically relaxed and comfortable, making them great places to hang out with friends, have conversations, and unwind.

However, keep in mind that in Thailand, Buddhist holidays are observed and respected by a significant portion of the population. During these holidays, there are cultural norms and legal regulations in place that might affect the sale and consumption of alcohol. Alcohol sales restrictions and the closure of entertainment venues (including bars and nightclubs) are generally practiced.

Bars & Bistro in Bangkok

7 Best Bars in Bangkok for Uniqueness

Are you ready to begin this wonderful night in Bangkok? Check out our 7 best bars below!

The Piano Bar at the VIE Hotel Bangkok:

Decorated in Art Deco style, the Piano Bar offers you unique glamour and a relaxing ambience. The place is perfect for those who prefer classical and jazz music. The live piano and jazz accompaniments are best suited to the comfortable lounge and Thai tapas menu. The bar is well-known for its mixology, especially the extraordinary cocktails like U-Cha-O that get inspired by the bubble tea trend. The Piano Bar also offers an extensive range of wines, sparkling beers, craft beers, mocktails, and fresh juices.

Rabbit Hole:

Rabbit Hole in Bangkok is a renowned speakeasy with a hidden entrance and intimate atmosphere. It’s famous for its wide selection of whiskies and inventive cocktails crafted by skilled mixologists. The bar’s vintage décor, occasional live music, and personalized drink options make it a must-visit spot. Reservations are advised, and a smart-casual dress code is often applied.

The WoodShed:

The WoodShed is a chic bar with a rustic farmhouse style. The decoration brings visitors back to a time of serenity and peace. With the atmosphere of a cottage in the Western Woods and exceptional craft and cool drinks, you can rest assured that you will have a lovely time here at the WoodShed.

The Key Room No. 72:

Inspired by the fictional story of Mr. Josh, the main character of the Josh Hotel, the bar offers visitors a journey to unlock the mystery hidden behind the door. The cocktail menus are also inspired by the story of traveling around the world; hence, mixtures of multicultural uniqueness can be observed. It is recommended for those who want to explore something new and get immersed in the narrative.

Sugar Ray, You’ve Just Been Poisoned:

“Sugar Ray, You’ve Just Been Poisoned” is a popular and quirky bar in Bangkok known for its vintage boxing theme. The bar offers inventive cocktails with unique presentations, alluding to its playful concept. With a laid-back atmosphere, live music, and creative drinks, Sugar Ray provides a fun and distinct nightlife experience. One of the perks is that you can customize your drink if you want.

Salon du Japonisant:

If you’re into Japanese culture and vibes, check out Salon du Japonisant. The modern Japanese vibes mixed with Western arts prove to be a perfect blend to create a relaxing atmosphere. The drinks, including single malt, soju, sake, umeshu, and gin, are mainly imported by Bacchus. The bar offers a wide range of unique Japanese drinks blended to create a memorable taste, allowing you to dive into the world of Japanese drinks.

Havana Social:

Havana Social, a secret pre-revolutionary 1940s Cuban cocktail bar, is popular among vintage and retro lovers. The bar typically offers a menu of craft cocktails inspired by Cuban culture and flavors. The intimate ambiance, together with live Latin music and salsa dancing, makes the bar lively and joyful. The unique experience offered by the bar is excellent for hanging out with friends.

Bars and bistros in Bangkok offer a variety of tastes and experiences


Bars and bistros in Bangkok offer a variety of tastes and experiences. From the extraordinary narratives to the unique blend of drinks to create the perfect atmosphere, bars in Bangkok are best known for their chic vibes and distinctive features. A trip to Bangkok will no longer be dull and bland, for nighttime is both full of relaxing peace and adventure, depending on what kind of nights you want to have. If you’re exhausted after a long day and have not made up your mind about which bar to go to yet, drop by the VIE Hotel Bangkok. The luxury hotels in bangkok, located near the Ratchathewi BTS Station is a perfect place to take a rest. With its exceptional service and superior amenities, you can rest assured that you will have a good dream and wake up in full vigour, ready to begin the new day.





  • 7-bangkoks-best-bars-for-a-unique-experience
  • 7-bangkoks-best-bars-for-a-unique-experience
  • 7-bangkoks-best-bars-for-a-unique-experience
  • 7-bangkoks-best-bars-for-a-unique-experience


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