The Best Areas to Live in Bangkok for Lifestyle

The Best Areas to Live in Bangkok for Lifestyle

Why these top areas in Bangkok are perfect for all lifestyle

Bangkok is famous for being the capital city of Thailand. It is generally considered to be one of the most popular places to visit for tourists. The city offers variety both in cultural and lifestyle tastes. In Bangkok, you can find a rich cultural heritage, a unique and vibrant street food culture, and a shopping paradise. Bangkok is a city that can suit people of all lifestyles, as it is also known for its floating markets and thriving nightlife. If you are considering staying a little longer with the purpose of absorbing the city’s features to the utmost, you may want to choose some specific areas to suit your liking. In this article, we have provided you with information about the best areas to live in Bangkok.

information about the best areas to live in Bangkok

Top 5 area in Bangkok to live in

Ratchaprasong area

The Ratchaprasong area of Bangkok is famous for its lively shopping district. It features luxury hotels in bangkok, upscale malls, and a bustling commercial center. The area is best known for its fashionable stores, where you can find renowned international and local brands. Visitors are drawn to the iconic Erawan Shrine, a Hindu temple with cultural performances. Ratchaprasong offers a vibrant shopping experience and hosts various events throughout the year, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

With the perks of being located in the heart of Bangkok, you can go to Ratchaprasong district by BTS Skytrain. Since Siam is also one of the hubs connecting travel routes together, you will find that it is convenient to travel around Bangkok by starting at Siam. One thing of note: if you feel tired after a long day, you can stop by a luxury hotel, VIE Hotel Bangkok, which is located in a nearby area. Just ride the BTS Skytrain, get off at Phaya Thai Station, and take a comfortable rest there to prepare for the next adventure.

LGBT Hotel in Bangkok

Phrom Phong

Phrom Phong district in Bangkok stands out for its diverse and lively atmosphere. This vibrant neighborhood attracts people with its international flair and cosmopolitan vibe. It is known for its large expatriate community, particularly appealing to individuals from Western backgrounds. With a mix of upscale shopping malls, trendy cafes, and multicultural dining options, Phrom Phong offers a dynamic and exciting lifestyle. The district’s proximity to popular parks, such as Benjasiri Park, and excellent transportation links, such as the BTS Skytrain and MRT, adds to its appeal, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a vibrant urban experience in Bangkok.

Moreover, the district is well-known for its strong association with Japanese culture, as it has a significant Japanese community. The presence of these institutions adds a distinct flavor to the district, attracting individuals passionate about Japanese culture and fostering a sense of community among Japanese residents and enthusiasts.

Best Areas to Live in Bangkok

Thong Lo

Thong Lo is known for its vibrant and multicultural environment, which attracts people from various cultures and nationalities. The area is particularly popular among the urban and creative communities, both local and expatriate, fostering a diverse and international atmosphere. Thong Lo has a significant expatriate presence, with residents hailing from different parts of the world, contributing to a rich cultural tapestry.

The neighborhood embraces and celebrates cultural diversity, evident in its diverse range of international restaurants, cultural events, and community spaces that cater to different nationalities. Thong Lo’s international character makes it an attractive choice for individuals seeking a global and inclusive living experience in Bangkok. If you are mainly looking for diversity and multiculturalism, Thong Lo may be the best choice for you.


The Ekkamai area of Bangkok is known for its laid-back and trendy vibe, making it one of the most interesting areas to live in the city. What sets Ekkamai apart is its unique blend of old and new, where traditional Thai charm intersects with modern establishments. The area is famous for its vibrant dining scene, with a wide array of trendy cafes, restaurants, and street food options that cater to diverse tastes.

Ekkamai is also renowned for its hip and artistic atmosphere, with numerous art galleries, boutique shops, and creative spaces dotted throughout the neighborhood. Moreover, Ekkamai offers a balance between residential tranquility and urban convenience, providing residents with easy access to various amenities, including shopping malls, entertainment venues, and transportation hubs such as the BTS Skytrain and Eastern Bus Terminal. With its distinctive character, Ekkamai offers an attractive living experience for those seeking a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood in Bangkok.

Huay Kwang

Huay Kwang is one of the most interesting places to live in Bangkok due to its vibrant Chinese community and rich cultural events. The district offers a unique and immersive experience for residents, with its strong Chinese influence and traditions. The presence of traditional Chinese markets, temples, and authentic cuisine creates an authentic atmosphere that reflects Chinese heritage.

Residents can enjoy cultural events and festivals that celebrate Chinese traditions, fostering a sense of community and connection. Huay Kwang provides a captivating living environment where residents can embrace Chinese culture, partake in cultural festivities, and savor the flavors of traditional Chinese cuisine, making it a truly fascinating choice for those seeking an enriching and multicultural lifestyle in Bangkok. Moreover, Huay Kwang has its own MRT station named “Huay Kwang Station” (MRT Phra Ram 9 Station), which provides easy access to the area.

Why these top 5 areas in Bangkok are perfect for all lifestyle

Living in these areas offers a compelling mix of convenience, a vibrant lifestyle, cultural richness, and diverse communities. The lively atmosphere provides an abundance of dining options, shopping centers, and entertainment venues, ensuring there’s always something exciting happening

Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in local traditions, explore traditional markets, and participate in cultural festivities, fostering a deep appreciation for different cultures. The multicultural communities create a diverse and inclusive environment, allowing you to interact with people from various backgrounds and develop cross-cultural connections.

Additionally, these areas are strategically located, providing proximity to business centers, educational institutions, and popular attractions. Whether you’re a professional, student, or traveler, living here offers convenience and saves you time. These areas are located near public transportation hubs, such as BTS Skytrain and MRT stations. With easy access to transportation networks, you can navigate the city effortlessly and save time on commuting.

Choose an area that resonates with your lifestyle and preferences, whether it’s upscale luxury, international flair, urban creativity, a blend of old and new, or vibrant cultural influence. Experience the best of the city, immerse yourself in its unique atmosphere, and enjoy a fulfilling and engaging life in Bangkok. For example, if you feel tired after a long day while exploring Ratchaprasong district, you can stop by the VIE Hotel Bangkok. The hotel is known for its luxury design, exceptional service, and great amenities. The hotel is located within walking distance of Phaya Thai BTS station, making it easy to drop by. You can rejuvenate and prepare yourself for the next adventure there.


In conclusion, Bangkok’s best areas to live, such as Sukhumvit, Phrom Phong, Thong Lo, and Siam, offer vibrant lifestyles and convenient access to the city’s attractions. These neighborhoods provide diverse experiences, from cosmopolitan vibes and upscale amenities to cultural richness and central connectivity. They are also the center of international hotels in Bangkok, as well as pet-friendly hotels in Bangkok and ideal options for a Bangkok honeymoon hotel. Whether it’s exploring trendy dining spots, indulging in shopping delights, or immersing in local traditions, these areas offer residents an exciting and convenient living experience in the heart of Bangkok.


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  • the-best-areas-to-live-in-bangkok-for-lifestyle


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