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New Year Countdown in Bangkok

The Thais love a good party. If there is anything you know about Thailand, the wonder and happiness of a Festive celebration in Bangkok has got to be part of it. It is probably something about the culture of Thailand that lends itself so well to good times when the holidays come around. It’s an enviable characteristic, to be sure. And it is one which people travel to Thailand, and to its capital of Bangkok, every year to experience for themselves.


If you are thinking about whether a New Year Countdown in Bangkok is the right place for you to spend the end of the year — and the beginning of the newly turned year — then chances are that the best choice is a definite “Yes, you should!”. A Festive celebration in Bangkok has no rivals for the thrills and excitement of the party atmosphere you will discover in this truly amazing city. It comes to life like no other spot in the entire world.



In fact, it could be said that during most of December there is a buildup of excitement that leads to the night of the 31st and all the Bangkok fireworks so visible at a place such as Icon Siam Bangkok on that very special night. Of course, as we come closer to it, the Christmas decorations are up all over town in the many busy commercial zones of the city. Outside the vast shopping malls Bangkok is famous for you will see huge glittering trees and gigantic snowmen, and perhaps even Santa and his sleigh. Everyone who celebrates Christmas is looking forward to that precious day and all revel in the magic of the season. And for those who do not celebrate Christmas per se, of course the colorful lights and decorations of the season, and the shopping extravaganzas and sales, have their intended effect, making it really an exciting time for everyone. Bangkok, as usual, goes all out for these Festive Season trappings.


But after the Christmas holiday, the New Year Countdown in Bangkok comes as a kind of reward for all the glitz and glamor of the shopping world — indeed, the best New Year Parties in Bangkok are a reward for the whole year! And nobody is left out.


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The truth is that every year the city of Bangkok actually exceeds its own reputation as a fabulously fun place to party during New Year’s Eve. No one alive could possible count how many hot spots there are in the city to find a great celebration at where you can give it your all while welcoming in the New Year. And besides wild parties a wonderful range of the perfect activities for you and friends or family will be going on, and you will be able to choose just what suits you best for a Festive celebration in Bangkok.


Marvelous spots for enjoying a lovely sit-down dinner with family abound. Of course many places also cater to a more boisterous atmosphere, better for a group of old and new friends. However, when the special hours finally arrives you can expect loads of Bangkok fireworks lighting up the sky with an enormous spectacle bigger than you had ever expected. The New Year Countdown in Bangkok is something to experience—just reading about it will never be enough to know the joy of so many people all at once at that fantastic moment.


Local Thais literally flock to the places where you can find the best New Year Parties in Bangkok. Of course foreigners, be they expats or tourists, are also deeply in the spirit of things as well, and are mingled in with the Thais side by side enjoying the atmosphere and the great vibes that light up the entire evening for everyone. You will never see such huge and diverse crowds of so many extremely happy people all celebrating together.


Some of these great locations are well known and attract the most people looking for a wonderful time that night. You should know about them too, particularly if you are thinking about visiting Bangkok during that time of the year. Getting a hotel that puts you within reasonable proximity to this places, such as VIE Hotel Bangkok, is also a quite excellent idea, so you can party with the comfort and convenience of knowing that your accommodations are not too far away! This is definitely useful and valuable knowledge for making the most of New Year’s Eve and turning it into the greatest party of your life!




CentralWorld is the class spot for a tremendous party right in the middle of Bangkok on the most exciting night of the year. You should prepare yourself for exactly what that means in this fantastic city! CentralWorld is one of the largest shopping malls in the city and one of the most famous. Out in front of it is a large plaza, and on this night it will be lined with beer gardens and stages, becoming an incredible center of live music and performances, great food and drink (especially beers), and one of the most stunning Bangkok fireworks performances seen anywhere in the world. It is certainly an experience to remember.




IconSiam is a newer shopping complex in the city and here you can expect the Festive celebrations in Bangkok here on a massive scale probably never seen before and bigger every year! A riverside location with rooftop restaurants, live music and tons of shopping discounts and promotions all goes hand-in-hand with the fact that this year, IconSiam was designated the official New Year countdown in Bangkok destination! You can come to IconSiam and expect the best of everything every year without a doubt. You won’t be missing anything by spending your New Year’s Eve here!


Asiatique The Riverside


Another location set right along the river bank is Asiatique The Riverside. It is kind of a high-end night market now, transformed years ago from what was a riverside shipping company. The old warehouses are refurbished and form row after row of shops displaying all sorts of clothing and souvenirs, with some interesting items not seen in other night markets. Asiatique, as it is more commonly called, also boasts a cool collection of pubs and restaurants, many quite stylish, which will make the perfect setting for a slightly more relaxed but still definitely joyful choice for one of the best New Year Parties in Bangkok. Asiatique is also quite easy to get to by taking the BTS Skytrain from right outside of VIE Hotel Bangkok and riding to the Taksin station on the riverbank. Asiatique has its own ferry which will pick you up there. But it is best to go early on this night because it is a popular place!


Besides its great location in the heart of the city’s exciting commercial district, VIE Hotel Bangkok provides an excellent base for exploration during the Festive celebration in Bangkok. The hotel will also have its own incredibly delicious dinner promotions for the evening. Dining in La VIE Bistronomy or YTSB – Yellow Tail Sushi Bar is a splendid way to celebrate the New Year. And the rooftop VIE Pool is a perfect spot from which to watch the famous fireworks of Bangkok.



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