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Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC)

Beneath the hustle and bustle of Bangkok flows a mysterious and beautiful undercurrent of artistic creativity. Its effects are visible everywhere and its explicit expressions stand out in incredibly gorgeous architecture and paintings almost every direction you look in.


A visit to Thailand immerses you in the Thai culture. And along with the language and the tantalizing cuisine, religion and the monarchy, the arts of Thailand are one of the intriguing pillars of this attractive culture, which draws people from all over the world. Like nothing else on earth, the first glimpse of the Thai arts is simply amazing. You will want to get to know it, to understand it and to appreciate it in its fullest forms.


You can see the magic of Thai art yourself in the numerous museums in Bangkok which house the relics and expressions dating from the earliest days of the Thai migration to the country now known as Thailand. But even more often, you can see vibrant examples all around the city of Bangkok, in the almost ubiquitous temples and shrines of the city as well as in the auspicious statues of revered personages. Many of these are quite old, dating from the establishment of Bangkok as the Siamese capital. And of course venturing northward a bit out of the city to Ayutthaya, you can explore the ruins of the old kingdom’s capital, where the artistry still remains, salient and impressive.


Besides the museums in Bangkok and the holy sites and shrines, Thailand’s capital is full of a living culture and art, at the Bangkok Art & Culture Center (BACC) and in many other locations. Incredible performances exist and can be seen, featuring traditional Thai puppet shows, musicals and theater—with a magnificent example being the extravaganza of Siam Niramit, which tells the story of the Thai people with astonishing special effects and hundreds of performers. You can also catch a Khon performance, a gem of antiquity, the music and dance story of the Ramakien (which is the Thai version of the ancient Ramayana), concerning the tale of the cunning Monkey God who tricked the gods into letting him go free to roam the earth again.


Of course modern theater is also quite prevalent and the Calypso Cabaret is one example that certainly redefine your concept of what human beings are capable of, as you sit amazed at the fantastic talent you are witnessing.


Another living expression of the arts in Thailand can be experienced in an art gallery in Bangkok such as the famous BACC, which stands for the incredible Bangkok Art & Culture Center. Not at all far from VIE Hotel Bangkok, from the MGallery Hotel Collection, this is truly one of the museums in Bangkok that will make for an exciting visit by the whole family!

The Bangkok Art & Culture Center is the hub of the contemporary arts, design, music, theater and film in the city. BACC brings them together and makes a place for them all, being an art gallery in Bangkok as well as a space for various exhibitions and performances.


First and foremost, as an art gallery in Bangkok, the Bangkok Art & Culture Center is a fascinating treat for those who appreciate an innovative design in architecture. From the outside, the curvature of the structure will interest you and pull you into a realm where creative expression rules the day. Beginning at the bottom of the spiral within it, a serious of exhibits delight the senses. They will also give you a wider and deeper sense of soul of Thai culture and the Thais themselves.


If the idea of museums in Bangkok lights up your imagination, the Bangkok Art & Culture Center is definitely the place for you.


The lower floors of BACC offer some interesting visions and stops along the way up. Here you can discover some charming design boutiques to browse through. And you will also love the tiny galleries scattered throughout this section, featuring mind-expanding pieces from local artists. There are also some bookshops offering a wide range of books about the art of the South East Asian region. One of these would not only look nice in your modern, elegant and richly design-focused room or suite at VIE Hotel Bangkok, MGallery Hotel Collection — it would be a great souvenir to take back home for a loved one … or to keep for your own coffee table!


Speaking of coffee, a few small cafés will also be come across, which are perfectly situated for taking a little break, resting your feet, sipping something delicious and perusing through your latest acquirement. Or just sitting and contemplating the beauty of human creation, Thai style.


As you continue to make your way up to the top two floors, you will encounter the larger exhibitions featured regularly at BACC and which alternate periodically. Here you will see astounding feats of creativity encompassing contemporary film and theater.


While it is quite true that most of the artists featured here have been creative by local Thai artists, there are occasionally international artists represented as well. But to experience the heart of art in Thailand, this is an experience not to miss during your visit to Bangkok.


The good news is that among all of the museums in Bangkok and the various art galleries in the city, this is probably the easiest to get to, with its location in Siam.


The Bangkok National Museum, in which you will find the history of Thailand, is another necessity for museum lovers, though it is neat the Grand Palace and will require a taxi ride. Bangkok also hosts the National Science Museum which is an interactive treat for the kids.


However, closer to home, also at Siam, you can find the beautiful art and architecture of the Jim Thompson House, created by the American silk industry entrepreneur.


For guests staying within the artistic haven of the MGallery Hotel Collection gem, VIE Hotel Bangkok, which puts your experience of the sensuous first alongside warm service and superb facilities, the BACC is only a walk of ten minutes away! Alternatively, to escape the weather if it happens to be a hotter day than usual in Bangkok, you could hop on the BTS Skytrain, as its Ratchathewi station is almost just outside the door. This will take you to the next stop, the Siam station, in just a few minutes.


Once you arrive at the amazing Bangkok Art & Cultural Center, rest assured you will be well taken care and directed to the exhibits. You will find to your delight that the staff’s English skills are excellent and they are more than willing to help visitors with information. Personable and with a love of the art they are caretakers of within the center, the staff will be able to assist you with good and comprehensive information regarding exhibitions begin currently shown and are well-organized. They can’t wait to welcome you to the world of contemporary Thai art.


The Bangkok Art & Cultural Center is open 9:30 am – 9.00 pm with free entry.


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