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The Bangkok Shopping Experience


When it comes to shopping, they do it right in Thailand. Among the most popular attractions in Bangkok, the many shopping venues in the Thailand’s enormous capital city are not only the best place to buy Thai souvenirs in Bangkok. They are also huge complexes where people meet, stroll together, and can dine, in some cases hold events and get-togethers, see movies or other performances and even play some sports.


In other words, the shopping experience in Bangkok is like a world unto itself. And this world beckons to shopping lovers from all over the world … and they come in droves, for very good reason.


Out of all the appealing shopping venues in this great city, from the vast and gleaming shopping malls to roadside stalls (which appear rather ad hoc but are actually set up regularly), the most popular kind of shopping in the city and one of the great attractions in Bangkok definitely has to be the vibrant night markets. They are located here and there, and there are certainly some very well known night markets in Bangkok.


Most are fairly easy to get to, and this adds to their popularity with both local and international shoppers. One the whole, however, the real secret of why so many enjoy Bangkok’s night markets is just that they are fun places to be at!


The Night Markets of Bangkok


A number of the night markets in Bangkok have been put on the must-do lists for tourists for some time now already. But the real truth is, you are going to find just as many local Thais out browsing around in them as you ever will foreign visitors. And they are just as big a bit with all the various expats that happen to live and work in the capital of Thailand.


Long noted as one of the mainstay attractions in Bangkok, the Chatuchak Weekend Market in times past was always a go-to and in every book of things to do in the city. It is apparently the largest open-air market in all of Asia and sells everything under the sun, so that is why. With the coming of the BTS Skytrain, it became very easy to reach.


The MRT Subway also gave birth to extreme popularity of the second best well known of the night markets, which is the trendy Ratchada Train Market. You will find all the latest styles, kitsch items and souvenirs here, which for many makes it the best place to buy Thai souvenirs in Bangkok, along with some cool eateries and pubs.


Nonetheless, nowadays both of these places pale in comparison to the great adoration shoppers and visitors have for Asiatique The Riverfront.


Asiatique The Riverfront


It is quite natural that this Bangkok riverside night market should spring up and become so successful. Located right on the banks of the mighty Chao Phraya River, it rests on the artery of trade in the country. So much of the agriculture and so much of the manufacture exports and products of the country are shipped down this river, just as they always have been since the area was first settled. And although Asiatique The Riverfront opened its doors as a Bangkok night market in only 2012, the site was a large and operating trading company before that.


The vast colonial style warehouses for storage, which date back to the turn of the 20th century (around 1907) and belonged to a company from Denmark, finally fell into disuse after World War II. Measuring 11.52 hectares (28.5 acres) this site was finally purchased in 2011 and the warehouses were renovated into rows of shops. The paths between them were cobbled and now house interesting sculptures and host street performers. A convivial air of carnival mixes with the shopping nowadays. But this is how what was once a shipping port became the wonderful Bangkok riverside night market we know and love today.


Fortunately how to go to Asiatique from VIE Hotel Bangkok is so quick and easy!

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Why People Love Asiatique


The pleasant atmosphere of Asiatique The Riverfront makes it a wonderful place to stroll around in, bring a date to or to visit with family. It’s one of the major attractions in Bangkok. Somewhat of a higher end Bangkok night market, many of the goods on sale on imported and fascinated. Of course here you will also find the best place to buy Thai souvenirs in Bangkok as large sections are devoted to local handicrafts.


A number of delicious gourmet restaurants pepper both the rows of shops as well as the area along the river bank. A line of them also can be found on the southernmost flank.


How to go to Asiatique is quite simply coming from VIE Hotel Bangkok. If you are staying at VIE Hotel Bangkok, then how to go to Asiatique is as easy as walking outdoors. Just board the BTS Skytrain right outside. Ride to the Siam station and change there over to the Silom line. Ride this to the Taksin station at the river. From there a special ferry will take you directly to the Bangkok riverside night market of your dreams.


In former decades, as it is now, the Chao Phraya River has been a major artery of trade and shipping in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Agricultural, and later manufacturing, products have been brought to its banks and shipped out, while various imported items have been brought in.


All of this began on the sight of what is now known and enjoyed as Asiatique The Riverfront.


By 1884, having observed the lucrative colonization of large parts of Asia by the great European empires, the kingdom of Siam decided that it would be profitable and wise to participate in international trade which would assist the modernization of the country, improve its revenue and also help to further establish the kingdom’s independence in an age of competing great powers.


The land was secured with a deal between the Kingdom of Thailand, who owned the property, and that of Siam. In this way was formed the East Asiatic port and the country, and its wide pier marked the start of Siam’s international trade with European nations as well as facilitated relations.


Now known as Asiatique, years after the East Asiatic port was closed down, the place has become an incredible market venue of restaurants, shops, street-side entertainment and of course the beautiful river view every evening. You can find everything from furniture to jewellery in the myriad shops which the old warehouses have been transformed into. Also offered are restaurants of every kind of food, many of them quite cutting-edge, as well as some fun pubs. You can find entertainment for children and grown-ups, including a quite large Ferris wheel that provides with a marvellous view of Bangkok’s city skyline.


Nowadays, visitors from all over the world can be found at Asiatique The Riverfront. Some will be shopping, others dining, a few taking photos at the fascinating Chao Phraya riverbank, and many more simply letting their curiosity lead them through the many stalls and sights of this exciting place.


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