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Amphawa Floating Market

Some of the more traditional sights are still to be found in Thailand, and you really do not have to go very far outside of Bangkok to visit them. The quaint customs that have been practiced as normal life for hundreds of years, if not longer, can be right before your eyes. You can even participate in them to a fun degree.

Now one thing tourists enjoy doing is going to a floating market, such as Amphawa floating market.

We call it a floating market when a river, canal or other waterway in Thailand is adorned with a lively market, brimming with vendors, both ashore and in their little boats, selling their wares and produce, while customers mingle among them and do their shopping, or enjoy a snack on the landings.

For a more authentic experience of the floating market, you can travel just about 50 kilometers outside of Bangkok, to the Amphawa Floating Market, which gathers at a place on a rather small canal of the Mae Khlong River. Quite popular among Thais, who believe that His Majesty King Rama II was born there, it is only open for business in the afternoon. However, the best time to go for a visit is definitely on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays. Then you will find the canal a hubbub of activity, with vendors selling a great range of goods, including every kind of souvenir, and particularly food.

If you know anything at all about Thai culture, then you will have realized that eating is something to be done all day. Involved in a day tour like at the Amphawa Floating Market, this means nibbling at the very many goodies on offer. There are plenty indeed, with food stalls spreading out from the banks of the canal and reaching into the nearby streets streets. The main attraction is dining on fresh seafood that is grilled on the wooden boats moored all around the great bridge of Amphawa. There you can order up a tasty array of prawns, shellfish and squid all afternoon long, until the evening.  Weekending Thai simply flock there. You can enjoy your seafood along the sides of the canal, on little tables, or you walk just a bit to a more comfortable setting.

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