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Rooftop bar in Bangkok

Now we begin to feel it. The air suggests it and on a daily basis the sky looks like it is making decisions. “Shall I be overcast again today, or shall I clear and let through another bright, sunny day for the new year?” Seasoned travelers, or residents, in the tropical climates of South East Asia know that all of this spells one thing and one thing only: the weather is slowly but surely making its little steps into what is called the Hot Season. And the central plains region in which is located Bangkok, Thailand, to be honest, generally welcomes it in with open arms. And so do we, from a rooftop bar in Bangkok.


All said and done, there are few marks of luxury and enjoyment equal to enjoying the last rays of the dipping sun every evening from a rooftop bar in Bangkok.


There you sit or recline, watching the varied and changing hues of red and gold dance across the sky, reflected on the vast panorama of the metropolis below you, with a diamond-like shimmer of sunlight on glass erupting softly here and there, and the entire vista resembles a gorgeous watercolor painting which is begging for an artist, yet knows there will never be a canvass wide enough to capture its full glory.


And the secret to all this pleasure is the feeling of freedom you get as the air cools in the evening watching all these sights as you salute the end of the day with a signature cocktail of the rooftop bar in Bangkok, or with one of your own classic favorites. The Sunset Hour at VIE Hotel Bangkok, MGallery Hotel Collection’s rooftop VIE Pool includes a bar and the great promotion there is perfect for this time of day. It might even be better with an occasional dip in the pool.


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