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Best Hospitals in Bangkok

When you need medical treatment, you just might consider wrapping it up inside a wonderful holiday to Thailand, one of the most popular destinations in the world. Which this might sound peculiar, in fact medical tourism has been growing in popularity for quite some time now, at least since the early 2000’s, and this is due to many very good reasons. Driven by private hospitals, Thailand’s medical industry is booming and the quality is superb.


Instead of a dreary trip to a local hospital, which is also fantastically expensive, nearer to home, turning the whole experience into a memorable vacation might be just what you need to cheer yourself up and put yourself well on the road to recover as quickly as possible. Once you have decided first which is the best hospital in Bangkok for you, the rest is easy, with lots of sun and fun!


Fortunately, most of the best hospitals in Bangkok that are preferred for medical treatment are right along the BTS Skytrain lines, so that helps with transportation to and from your hotel, before and after your procedure. Everything is so much more convenient this way, and it leaves you plenty of time to start your holiday in Thailand early. The short waiting times at the best hospitals in Bangkok, compared to those at hospitals in most countries, makes it easy to plan your holiday and book your flights and hotels.


The quality of services in the best hospitals in Bangkok is celebrated globally. The staff go typically that extra step in making sure you are comfortable, and the famous, warm Thai smile goes a long way in that regard. Good food and regular and very attentive service comforts patients. And so does the emphasis put on informing international patients of the meaning and cause of their symptoms, of all of the treatment options available, and all about the ins and outs of recovery and check-ups, which ensures that those who come to Bangkok for treatment are well taken care of.


Rest assured that the doctors will also have valuable international experience. They have studied abroad and have witnessed a wide range of approaches and techniques in dealing with various conditions. The doctors and staff may have studied or worked in countries as diverse as Japan and France or Germany and the United States. This goes a lot further toward helping you get the most efficacious treatment possible.


Treatments which are popular in Thailand cover just about everything. Of course a range of purely cosmetic surgeries are available. However, you will also find it convenient to schedule every kind of dental procedure in Bangkok, extremely high quality cardiac procedures, orthopedic surgery and infertility treatments. Comprehensive medical check-up packages are included at every one of the major private hospitals as well. All you have to do is choose the best hospitals in Bangkok.


One of the better known hospitals is Phaya Thai 2 International Hospital, and it fits the bill regarding all the points above, bearing the international respected “Center of Excellence” certificate. This hospital has an excellent neurological center, heart center and trauma and replantation center. It will no doubt fit your own budget much better as well, as prices for medical treatment in Thailand are incredibly lower than that in most other countries. Phaya Thai 2 also offers reasonable financing options. If you decide that Phaya Thai 2 International is the best hospital in Bangkok for your upcoming treatment, you can find it quite near the Sanam Pao BTS Skytrain station.


Also bearing the “Center of Excellence”, Paolo Phaholyothin Hospitalis another worthy choice for your procedure in Thailand. Multi-lingual staff are going to help you understand every step of your treatment at the hospital and beyond, with check-ups. Paolo Phaholyothin Hospital has focused on making things convenient for their patients, with a one-stop service style consultation. A great cancer center, a dedicated women’s center and pediatrics ward are just a few of the highlighted departments here. The location is also convenient, as you can find it not far from the Victory Monument BTS station.


Another thing that should set your mind at ease in regard to Paolo Phaholyothin Hospital is that the hospital’s general surgery staff are experienced in using the technology of laparoscopy. What this modern technique does is enable the surgeon to investigate issues with various internal organs, with the insertion of a scope, causing much smaller incisions and less pain to the patient, and that means the lesser possibility of complications (particularly with the wound) and a briefer stay in the hospital—so you can get on with your vacation in the exciting city of Bangkok, with all of its fascinating sights.


Near the Saladaeng BTS station, BNH hospital is well known for its dental program, which is actually becoming another area which is quite popular for medical tourism. At BNH, as well as other major private hotels, your doctor will insist on doing the follow-ups personally, no matter how many visits you require. This extra bit of care can be very important if you have a large issue requiring a complex procedure.


If you were to ask many foreigners what the best hospital in Bangkok is, they might certainly tell you which is the most popular for both medical tourism and for the expat community as well. That would be Bumrungrad, which is not at all far from the Nana BTS Skytrain station. It serves patients from 190 countries around the world.


JCI accreditation ensures you of high standards in medical care, and you certainly do receive that here at Bumrungrad. It may come as some surprise to learn that this acclaimed hospital has also been ranked as among the top ten medical destinations in the world! If that isn’t persuasive, you will be interested in knowing that 580 inpatient-bed Bumrungrad Hospital is committed to using cutting-edge technology to ensure its patients receive the best care and services with medical, surgical, OB and pediatrics wards, an adult intensive care unit, cardiac care unit, pediatric care unit and neonatal intensive care unit.


With one-stop service center, and a 10th floor Sky Lobby, both patients and visitors should feel comfortable. You can make of that in a range of rooms including Single, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, VIP Suite, Premier Suite, Premier Atrium Suite, Premier Royal Suite, 2 Bedded, and 4 Bedded!


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