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Sea Life Bangkok

Sea Life Bangkok (Formerly Siam Ocean World)


A family vacation is always something special. And a special occasion is best enjoyed in a unique location. As you probably know, when you travel with kids in Bangkok, having a look at the most extraordinary destinations the world has to offer is a wise decision. Doing some research for the fun times ahead will certainly pay off when your holiday is planned for Bangkok, Thailand.


You can maximize your good times in Thailand’s capital when you take a day or two for a visit to Sea Life Bangkok, which was formally known as Siam Ocean World. Fortunately, Sea Life Bangkok is located right in the center of the city. You will find the BTS Skytrain Siam Station here, which is the main transit station for both lines of the BTS Skytrain, the Silom and Sukumvit lines, which not far from here connect to the MRT Subway, the BRT bus and the Airport Link which rides out to Suvannabhumi International Airport. Siam is the nexus point of the city.


The Siam area of Bangkok also happens to be the main commercial zone of Bangkok. As such, it is absolutely brimming over with all the shopping you can imagine in your wildest shopping fantasies. Fashion and style are everywhere you look. The glitz and glamor of Bangkok’s most famous shopping malls are located here. One of these fabulous complexes is the high-end complex called Siam Paragon.

For all the excellent reasons above, booking a hotel near Siam Paragon such as VIE Hotel Bangkok is a great idea. But there is one more detail too that will interest you enormously when you travel with kids to Bangkok.


On the basement level of Siam Paragon an incredible surprise awaits you. And it’s just a short walk away from your hotel near Siam Paragon. Believe it or not, the largest underground aquarium in the entire region of South East Asia is just an elevator ride down from there! The kids will be even more thrilled to learn that Thailand’s very first 4D theatre Bangkok is also inside.


Sea Life Ocean World ((formerly Siam Ocean World) opened in December of 2005, originally as Siam Ocean World, before changing its name slightly as it expanded its offerings and attractions. It quickly became one of the most acclaimed destinations in Thailand, actually just perfect for a romantic date or an educational class outing and ideal for the list of sights to see on a family trip when you travel with kids to Bangkok. The underground aquarium complex covers a huge space of around 10,000 square meters (equal to 110,000 square feet). It houses literally hundreds of various species, which are contained in amazing underwater displays with an incredible combined total volume of over 5,000,000 liters (1,300,000 U.S. gallons). There is no bigger sea life exhibit anywhere in South East Asia!


To assist in your exploration of the over 6,000 sea creatures who live here, the attractions of this immense complex are divided into a number of different zones before you get to the 4D theatre Bangkok.


  • Rocky Hideout

You can start with the Rocky Hideout where the (with a leg span of up to three meters!) and the cunning and flexible Giant Pacific Octopus, the largest species in the world with an arm span of 14 3.5 meters, have their lairs.


  • Shark Walk

Take a walk with just a thin transparent sheet of acrylic separating you from five species of carnivorous sharks!


  • Coral Reef

Take a little rest with feasting your eyes on the beautiful schools of colorful fish darting in and out of the gorgeous coral.


  • Seahorse Kingdom

A surprising variety of seahorses will fascinate you. They are stranger and lovelier than you might think!


  • Tropical Rainforest

A short break from the underwater life takes you to the interesting species of the tropical rainforest such as incredibly camouflaging frogs and cute otters.


  • Rockpool

In the rockpool you can even touch the skin of some fascinating sea creatures, like the colorful starfish!


  • Rocky Shore

The graceful Leopard Whipray lives here, and you’ll also get to meet the Jackass Penguins having fun and doing what they do best — swimming!


  • Ocean Tunnel

One the most popular attractions at Sea Life Ocean World ((formerly Siam Ocean World), it’s just like being surrounded by life deep under the sea as sharks and rays swim all around you.


  • Shark Shipwreck

It’s a real thrill to see the sharks swim around this exciting construction.


  • Penguin Ice Adventure

A lovely ending to a great day is watching the adorable penguins do their stuff in a special icy environment.


But don’t go away yet! The attractions at Sea Life Ocean World ((formerly Siam Ocean World) are not nearly finished. Unique and exciting activities are waiting for you that you definitely cannot experience anywhere else! Imagine you and the kids getting into these:


  1. Check out Thailand’s first 4D Theatre Bangkok. This incredible journey will take you to the vibrant depths of the sea with your cartoon buddy Bob Spongepants in an experience far beyond


  1. Explore the Living Art of Camouflage, a new attraction, inspired by the amazing abilities of marine animals such as starfish.


  1. An exciting look at the ocean life through a Glass-Bottomed Boat allows you to get up close and personal with the sharks and stingrays, especially when it’s feeding time!


  1. But for the closest experience, try out Diving with the Sharks. Just picture yourself face to face with the ocean’s most feared predators. Make sure to follow our professional staff’s instructions to the letter.


  1. Become an Ocean Walker with a dive suit and make your own way across the fascinating ocean floor to investigate the sea life first hand!


  1. A Behind-The-Scenes Tour is an educational journey that will show you how the staff care for the animals, especially the youngest ones in the Nursery Centre.


  1. Watching Feeding Show for the real thrills! All according to schedule, one of the most exciting activities ever can be observed—and here’s a hint you don’t want to miss … The shark feeding is at 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm!


The edutainment possibilities are endless and a hotel near Paragon Siam is a must for getting the most out of this wonderful experience for you and your family, the best family fun destination in Thailand.


VIE Hotel Bangkok is just a few short steps from the Ratchathewi station of the BTS Skytrain. This rapid public transportation train can take right to Paragon Siam shopping mall in only a few minutes! Of course if you’re looking for a little more exercise, you can always simply walk there. That would take only about 15 minutes!


Besides the most perfect location, you will also find splendid dining options at elegant and modern VIE Hotel Bangkok. The delicious French Bistronomy cuisine at La VIE or the best Omakase in town at YTSB – Yellow Tail Sushi Bar are simply excellent for recharging the body’s batteries after the fantastic adventure of Sea Life Ocean World, and the whole family will definitely appreciate that!


Great restaurants, special and plush rooms and superb fitness and spa facilities — not to mention warm service that welcomes you and your children and makes you feel at home — these are all exactly what you need in a hotel near Paragon Siam, and all precisely what you will find here.

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