The Ultimate Guide to Bangkok Old Town's Must-See Attractions

The Ultimate Guide to Bangkok Old Town's Must-See Attractions

Bangkok’s Old Town, is a district that is full of Thai history

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is known not only for being a bustling commercial city but also for its cultural heritage and rich history. Bangkok’s Old Town, which is also known as Rattanakosin, is a captivating blend of history, culture, and places to visit in Bangkok. Rattanakosin boasts a wealth of attractions that will transport you back in time. Visitors find themselves dwelling in the grandeur of historical architecture, marveling at the intricate beauty of temples, and enjoying the serene ambiance surrounding the district. If you are interested in visiting Bangkok’s Old Town, Rattanakosin, and exploring the places to visit in Bangkok, we’ve provided you with information to make your trip more successful and memorable here in this article.

Bangkok Old Town has that unique atmosphere which cannot be found anywhere else

Bangkok Old Town History

Bangkok’s Old Town, also known as Rattanakosin, was founded in 1782 by King Rama I, the first monarch of the Chakri Dynasty. This historically significant district is located in the heart of Bangkok, on the eastern bank of the Chao Phraya River, and was purposefully designed as the new royal capital. Reflecting traditional Thai concepts of urban planning and architecture, its layout centers around the iconic Grand Palace, symbolizing the epitome of Thai sovereignty and grandeur. Over the years, Rattanakosin has meticulously preserved its historical significance and cultural heritage, attracting tourists and locals alike with its wealth of attractions, including the stunning Wat Pho’s reclining Buddha, the serene ambiance of Wat Arun at sunset, charming street markets, and delightful Thai street food. The district welcomes visitors from all around the world to discover the treasure trove of experiences in Bangkok’s Old Town, promising an unforgettable journey into the heart of Thailand’s rich heritage.

Bangkok’s Old Town, Rattanakosin, exudes a unique and enchanting atmosphere that sets it apart from the rest of the city. As you wander through its narrow alleys and historic streets, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time, surrounded by traditional Thai architecture and centuries-old temples. The area’s rich history and cultural significance are palpable in every corner, creating an authentic sense of the city’s heritage. The bustling markets, the aroma of delicious street food, and the lively street scenes add to the vibrant ambiance. The blend of ancient temples, majestic palaces, and quaint cafes creates a fascinating contrast, making Bangkok’s Old Town a place where past and present coexist harmoniously.

Bangkok’s Old Town has a lot to offer, both in terms of historical and cultural richness, but there are some must-see attractions that are well-known

All the Must-See Attractions in Bangkok Old Town

Bangkok’s Old Town has a lot to offer, both in terms of historical and cultural richness, and there are some must-see attractions that are well-known for what to do in Bangkok. We’ve listed the places that you should not miss below.

Grand Palace:

The iconic Grand Palace is a stunning complex of ornate buildings and temples that served as the official residence of the Thai kings for centuries. Within the palace grounds, you’ll find the famous Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew), which houses the revered Emerald Buddha statue.

Wat Pho:

Also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho is one of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok. It is renowned for its colossal reclining Buddha statue, measuring 46 meters long and covered in gold leaf.

Wat Arun:

The Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun, is an impressive riverside temple with a distinct spire-like prang that stands majestically over the Chao Phraya River. Climbing to the top offers a breathtaking view of the city.

Wat Phra Kaew Museum:

Located within the Grand Palace complex, this museum houses a collection of artifacts and exhibits that provide insights into Thailand’s history and culture.

Bangkok National Museum:

As the largest museum in Southeast Asia, the Bangkok National Museum boasts an extensive collection of Thai art, artifacts, and historical relics, providing a comprehensive overview of the country’s heritage.

Bangkok's Old Town a place where past and present coexist harmoniously

Phra Sumen Fort:

One of the two remaining forts that once protected the old city, Phra Sumen Fort is a historical structure that offers a glimpse into Bangkok’s defensive past.

Ratchadamnoen Avenue:

This grand avenue is lined with historic landmarks, including the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall and Democracy Monument, symbolizing Thailand’s transition to constitutional monarchy.

The Giant Swing:

A massive red ceremonial swing once used in ancient Brahmin rituals, now serving as a symbol of Thai culture.

Phra Thinang Chakri Maha Prasat:

An elegant reception hall within the Grand Palace, showcasing a blend of Thai and European architectural styles.

Phra Athit Road:

A charming street lined with cafes, art galleries, and bookstores, Phra Athit Road is an ideal spot for leisurely strolls and soaking in the local atmosphere.


Rattanakosin, or Bangkok’s Old Town, is a district that is full of Thai history and is often a point of interest on a bangkok map. Visitors can immerse themselves in the touch of time and travel through the journey of historical arts and landmarks that have stood long and proud against the changes. We highly recommend you plan your trip carefully, especially if you’re looking for what to do in Bangkok and want to make the most of it in a 1-day trip, in case of a limited duration of stay. If you find yourself fulfilled with Thai history here and looking for a place to stay, you can drop by the VIE Hotel Bangkok. The luxury boutique hotel is located within walking distance of the Phaya Thai BTS Station, which you can locate on a bangkok map. The hotel is known for its exceptional services and accommodations. Moreover, visitors can commute to Suvarnabhumi Airport easily via the Airport Rail Link, another location you can find on a bangkok map. With its strategic location, the hotel is the best place to take a rest and rejuvenate yourself before beginning the journey again.



  • the-ultimate-guide-to-bangkok-old-towns-must-see-attractions
  • the-ultimate-guide-to-bangkok-old-towns-must-see-attractions
  • the-ultimate-guide-to-bangkok-old-towns-must-see-attractions
  • the-ultimate-guide-to-bangkok-old-towns-must-see-attractions
  • the-ultimate-guide-to-bangkok-old-towns-must-see-attractions


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