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Signature Scents & Treatments


VIE Spa by ORGANIKA uses only top quality natural ingredients, which are selected with extreme care and sophistication to maintain its natural base. Our products are free from toxins, contaminated chemical residues or any other contents that will cause harm to you. With our eco-friendly production process and natural quality control starting from the ingredients to packaging would need to represent and match its name. ORGANIKA comes from the world ‘organic’, which is the most essential element for the trademark, with the aim of providing the finest for its users.






Signature Scents

Memoirs of Sunrise – Joy & Uplift

(Passion Fruit, Orange, Lemon)

The freshness of dawn purifies and renews the spirit and mind with enriched aroma therapy sourced 100% natural oil from Passion Fruit, Lemon, Orange and Tangerine. Experience the smell of a new beginning and rising of a new hope of a great new day. Discover now at VIE Spa by ORGANIKA!





Signature Scents

Ocean of Dreams – Fresh

(Lavender, Rosemary, Mint)

The smell of the ocean and cool breeze of fresh air makes all of us yearn for the secrets of the enchanting nature of the sea. Embrace your dreams with our 7 scents mix with lavender, rosemary, orange, eucalyptus, lemom and vanilla, an incredible combination.






Signature Scents

Secret Rose Garden – Romance

(Rose Absolute)

Escape to our secret rose garden and experience the smell of our signature red rose and white rose that can ignite the fond memories of young love in the garden. VIE Spa by ORGANIKA brings you the most romantic scent in the world. Discover now at VIE Spa by ORGANIKA!





Signature Treatment




Using aromatherapy candles created with pure essential oil, soy butter, jojoba, vitamin A, E to nourish and replenish moisture to the skin. This treatment helps to calm your stress, relieve aches, and promote relaxation and sleep. An unforgettable therapeutic spa experience.


“Our signature treatment is truly a zenith of relaxation. The Organika Aromatic Candle Massage Treatment for 90 minutes uses aromatherapy candles created with pure essential oils, soy butter, jojoba and vitamins A and E to nourish and replenish moisture to the skin. This treatment will relieve your stress and aches, promoting a profound sense of relaxation and the kind of deep, healthy sleep the body really needs. It is an unforgettable therapeutic spa experience.”

– Ms. Sririta Jensen.


– ศรีริต้า เจนเซ่น

vie spa by organika



Pure Aroma Massage Candle

Made with 100% natural ingredients, from soybean wax and the pure cotton wick, combined with the natural essential oil that fills your home with the relaxing mood. It is also perfect for your skin, containing Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Magnolia Extract and Organic Jojoba oil which make for the perfect massaging oil. Our unique organic essential oil has been proven beneficial to your body and your health. The warm temperature which is calibrated correctly for your massage, will promote blood flow, relieve muscle stress and fatigue as well as provide anti-aging agents, keeping your skin young and vibrant during the  ultimate relaxing experience.




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