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La VIE – Bistronomy is all about enjoying quality ingredients and comfort food in an elegant yet cosy atmosphere of superb live cooking and excellent specialties.

In this friendly and casual all-day dining venue, our personable team create the scene for your splendid moments, in warm gatherings with friends or a unique experience with your beloved.

Our menu showcases trendy Western dishes as well as offering you a choice of the most iconic Thai flavours, without forgetting the delicacies from our nearby Asian neighbors.

Located on the 11th floor, LA VIE invites you in to a bright and comfortable ambiance of soothing bronze décor that speaks of relaxation and the enjoyment of life.


Set Menu

A La Carte Menu

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Opening Hour:

Breakfast: 7:00 am. – 10:00 am.

Lunch: 12.00 pm. – 3.00 pm.

Dinner 6.00 pm. -10.00 pm.


Bistronomy in Bangkok


What is it?

Something delicious has been happening in the world in recent years. And you don’t have to be an expert gourmand to have heard the term Bistronomy. The evidence of this change has been popping up here and there around the globe sometime since the mid-1990s. During that decade we first saw signs of this culinary revolution in Paris, France. While, in most recent times, as Bistronomy in Bangkok, Thailand, is definitely a thing for your palate to reckon with, as well, we could say that it has traveled around the world since its beginnings.

The Bistronomy movement itself could be called a revolution of sorts indeed. It began like this. Restaurants were becoming ever more “haute” and posh, striving for the highest end experience possible by human effort in quest of a coveted Michelin star, which has defined haute cuisine for over the past 100 years. They were also charging ever more outrageous prices in doing so. In this rather restrictive atmosphere, some chefs began to wonder if there was not a way to break the mold of all this ostentatious exclusionism — a way to bring dining back to our everyday world of experience.

There came about a desire to produce delicious high-quality gastronomic pleasures yet with the casual and warm atmosphere represented in a more local bistro. A true talent in the kitchen, Yves Camdeborde, chef and owner of La Régalade in Paris, is said to have been the first to do so. Thus was born Bistronomy, as a portmanteau of bistro and gastronomy.

The idea took off among the younger and quite creative set of chefs, who had respectable credentials but were looking more to produce a sincerely made and tasty meal that could be enjoyed by more people, with more normal pricing. In other words, to fulfill the life calling of a chef by serving people a good meal — rather than excluding most of the population in search of a precious work of art and astounding prices.




Although the concept of Bistronomy was rejected by critics at first. They called it a cop-out or a surrender to lower forms of dining. Yet the chefs who tried it were warmly rewarded by the new popularity they achieved and the better relations they had earned with their guests. Eventually even the biggest names in the Michelin-starred chef universe began to supplement their own eatery investments with Bistronomy style restaurants!

General trend developed several recognizable qualities. These were identified as offering smaller venues with not so many staff, allowing the chef to mingle more personably with the guests. Wonderful ingredients are also essential, though they need not be as outlandish as the very haute establishments. A warm, friendly atmosphere is key, however, and a price that is honest and reasonable.


Where is it?

Now that the concept of Bistronomy has made it around the globe, we are finally able to enjoy this pleasure at Bangkok’s best restaurant too.

With Bistronomy in Bangkok, just as it became in Paris, the emphasis changed from being about exotic and difficult to source ingredients, to being about the best picks from fresh, locally grown produce. This is something that La VIE Bistronomy – Casual Gourmet excels in, a fact we will mention since we are talking about Bangkok’s best restaurant.

Located in the modern and elegant premises of 5-star boutique hotel VIE Hotel Bangkok, this Bangkok all-day dining venue has a glamorous history of serving exceptionally delicious dishes. We always have something wonderful going on with the menu here. Having hosted many a Michelin Star Chef in Bangkok over the years, which VIE Hotel Bangkok did regularly during the past decade, the entire attitude of the restaurant has already been adjusted toward innovation and even experimentation for a long time.

Regularly awarded as being a Bangkok’s best restaurant, La VIE Bistronomy– Casual Gourmet is the latest incarnation of the culinary genius that began long ago with the first visiting Michelin Star Chef in Bangkok to come to the hotel and prepare dinners or lunches.



Now of course the main attraction in Bangkok’s best restaurant is undoubtedly the menu. The choices here are a very fine representation of Bistronomy in Bangkok. Everyone will not only find something they like and enjoy eating; they will discover a dish they adore! This is part of the fun, which is no doubt inspired by another Michelin Star Chef in Bangkok whom it is said will someday become associated with this incredible eatery. That’s the plan and we are waiting on the edge of our seats to see what wonderful creations come of it.

A laving buffet breakfast is offered, and really does provide a magnificent start to the day. Few would trade the breakfast at La VIE Bistronomy for the morning meal anywhere else in the capital of Thailand. A great lunch and a delectable dinner are also served and are likewise never disappointing.

A look through the menu of this Bangkok all-day dining restaurant shows you that some of the most scrumptious Western favorites are offered there and bound to be exceedingly delicious. But that is far from all. A wide selection of the most popular Asian dishes are also presented, offering a full range of flavor to the dining experience. Naturally, the Thai specialties are mouthwatering, with just the right balance of all the tastes that have put Thai cuisine solidly on the culinary map of the world!

The restaurant, on the 11th floor of VIE Hotel Bangkok, has just completed a fabulous new renovation to go along with its new name. The all-new look is incredibly inspiring, with plush carpets offering bright and joyous colors, yet made comfortable and cozy with frequent use of bronze coloring and textures. The mood is, to put it simply, not only comfortable but happy. And this is exactly the kind of warmth one expects from a Bangkok all-day dining restaurant.

From the first step in you can not only see it, but sense it, as you proceed past the hostess counter down a fabulously elegant corridor. A visit to La VIE Bistronomy – Casual Gourmet is mood elevating! Turn left for the buffet experience, where you can choose your preferred drinks and other snacks, or turn right to the comfortable seating. And there the delights begin.

With more than enough culinary street cred to back it up, you can bet that you are going to be extremely pleased with what you will find here.

As VIE Hotel Bangkok, an MGallery Collection Hotel, has long been at the forefront of the fashionable and chic in the city, they know exactly what they are doing and have done it right once again. Situated directly in the center of the city’s famous commercial district, stopping over for lunch during a day of shopping in Bangkok’s best known shopping malls, or a great dinner afterward, is an excellent option. This is made very easy by taking advantage of the BTS Skytrain, since the Ratchathewi station is literally just 2 minutes outside the hotel’s front door!

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