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VIE Hotel Bangkok is a superb location for a Boutique Wedding in Bangkok for up to 120 persons. Entering this chic 5-star designed hotel, a boutique-style creation of the architect J.H. Boiffils, you will enjoy a sultry and luxurious world surrounding you with romantic works of art, exotic furniture, silky drapes and bold colours. Your Boutique Wedding in Bangkok will immerse you in an enchanting atmosphere during your stay, throughout the hotel and especially in the spacious rooms and opulent suites. Simply click on Request below, or fill in the inquiry form below, and our wedding planners will contact you shortly, or call +662 309 3939 ext. 3733

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Wedding in Bangkok

The big day is on its way and it is time to start planning your wedding ceremony in Bangkok. This is also a time when we reflect on this important step we are about to take. In all cultures a wedding is a symbol of all the devotion and hope, of the couple and the family and community, which goes into the beginning of the lifelong commitment that is called marriage.

A marriage is meant to be a relationship that endures forever, through the thick and the thin, through hard times and the prosperous times, days of misfortunate and what called the salad days. As far as we know, human beings are the only creatures on this planet who are capable of making promises to each other. A marriage is one of the sweetest promises we can give and is unlike any other relationship. It is given one’s word to another that they are now family — that you will stand by this person, and that they will stand by you, whatever comes down the road of life.

In fact, considering all the many events that the future holds for any couple, the wedding itself is the beginning of the growth of a deep love that will endure all things and become truer and deeper throughout the rest of your lives together. And, as they say, good beginnings often produce good results.

One of the most meaningful gestures two people can ever undertake, the wedding ceremony is an important act that declares your love before the community and society, and of course to the world at large, but also and especially, and most importantly, to each other.

This is why two people in love always try to look for the most ideal spot among the Bangkok wedding venues for the actual wedding ceremony. After all, you want to get married in a place that reflects your sincere feelings and commitment. Because of their often glamorous or luxurious design and furnishings, a romantic hotel in Bangkok is often a preferred choice for fiancés.  The services and staff can be a great help with the planning and handling of guests, refreshments, meals and so on.

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Bangkok Wedding Venue

One of the splendid things about many Bangkok wedding venues is all the choices you are often offered, in terms of the kind of wedding ceremony in Bangkok you would like to have. Of course, this is no surprise simply because the capital of Thailand is not only an incredible hub for international travelers from all corners of the globe, it is also home — whether adopted home or native to the city — of a fascinating and diverse variety of peoples and cultures. Naturally they all come with their own particular wedding traditions, and many people are looking for a Bangkok wedding package that will allow them—while making your dream day into reality! And so your background or influence has a lot to do with the style of wedding you might choose.

Whether you finally decide to tie the knot in one of the large chain hotels or in a more customized hotel offering a boutique wedding in Bangkok, such as VIE Hotel Bangkok, the venue must offer at the very minimum the choice of a holding a Thai style wedding or a Western style wedding.

Western style weddings are popular around the world nowadays, and have been for some years, largely because of the glamorous images presented to us in popular international culture (which everyone is a member of to some degree, due to us all being on social media and the internet!). Finding a romantic hotel in Bangkok that fits the dream image perfectly might even be easier. But the deeper layer expressed in these Western style weddings, which is also an attractive factor for the couples, is the tradition of freedom and personal choice that goes into the culture of the West and which is partly symbolized in this style wedding when it comes around to saying “I do”.

That being said, for everyone looking to hold their wedding ceremony in Bangkok, a Thai style wedding is another choice which expresses a deep meaning which reverberates throughout the culture, the religion and the people of this region. The unifying of the souls of two individuals, so that their hearts may always live together in harmony throughout this life, is also a precious event. Thai style weddings are not only opted for by Thai couples, by the way. Mixed marriages, meaning that of Thais and foreign citizens—whether Westerners or those from other countries in Asia or even other parts of the world—will often choose this option for their Bangkok wedding package.

But of course there are other kinds of wedding options available too, with the Chinese and Indian traditional styles also being highly popular in Bangkok wedding venues.

Making the final choice of a boutique wedding in Bangkok is probably a wiser option with a number of advantages that will go a long way on your wedding day. First of all, the intimacy of a slightly smaller venue is a plus. This means that the Event Planning Staff will be more personable and it will be easier for them to be attentive to your needs and dreams.

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The Best Wedding Hotel  in Bangkok

VIE Hotel Bangkok at the BTS Skytrain Ratchathewi Station—a location, by the way, that will make it a lot more convenient for your guests to arrive in this bustling city of notorious traffic—is well known for its warm and personable service and been regularly awarded for it.

A designed hotel, its modern and elegant décor immediately communicates a feeling of joy and perfection that makes it perhaps the most romantic hotel in Bangkok. Careful attention has been paid to every piece of furniture, every section of corridor and every room to produce a sensation of enjoying the best time of your life, which is exactly what a wedding celebration is.

The hotel’s wedding packages are exactly what you want in a Bangkok wedding package. A range of options are available, from Thai style to Western style, with Chinese feasts and other tailor made details that can all be described and decided upon with the brilliant staff of expert planners that will be looking after your cherished dreams and helping them to come true before your eyes.

All you have to do is ask and they will help you to insert and include all the little touches that turn a day like this into a memorable moment that you will fondly look back on for the rest of your life, and which will be a happy memory for everyone who attends.

Taking your boutique wedding in Bangkok from the engagement ceremony to the reception, with every subtle gradation of sumptuousness and intimacy you desire, the wedding planners of VIE Hotel Bangkok are sensitive and professional and know how to make things just as the loving heart of each bride and groom would like them to be on the most important and special day of their lives.


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